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Elevator comes down in Plum Coulee

Greg Vandermeulen

Crews were hard at work recently, tearing down a Plum Coulee elevator..

Residents saw excavators at work dismantling the elevator that still bears the United Grain Growers logo.

Viterra, the company who owns the elevator did not offer reasons for the destruction.

Instead their public affairs department issued four statements regarding company policy.

A company spokesperson wrote in an email that old elevators are no longer placed on the market. "Viterra is no longer offering closed elevators for sale or lease due to rising costs and safety risks," he stated.

Much of the reasoning appears to revolve around liability. Two of the four points made by the company spokesperson dealt with that issue.

"Viterra is concerned about the safety of individuals operating these facilities and may be liable if injuries occur," the spokesperson wrote. "Viterra continues to carry environmental liability even after the facilities have been leased or sold."

Only 41-years-old, the elevator was built by the McCabe company who was bought out by UGG.