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Senior and police officer treated for carbon monoxide poisoning

Greg Vandermeulen

ALTONA- An Altona woman is still in hospital after carbon monoxide poisoning, due to a vehicle left running in her garage early March 11.

Police say the 79-year-old woman returned home with her vehicle at about 8:30 p.m. on March 10, unloaded it, and went to bed, forgetting she left it running.

She awoke to what she thought was the phone, but was in fact her carbon monoxide detector.

"She then realized that her car had been running in her garage all night," Police Chief Perry Batchelor said in a press release. "She went into the garage and shut her car off."

Instead of leaving the home, she went back to bed, but then dialed 911 because she wasn't feeling well.

Police say the woman asked police to come "check on her car".

Altona Police were dealing with another call involving a violent patient at the Altona Hospital, but proceeded to the scene as did other emergency services.

They gained entry to the home and found the victim lying on the kitchen floor. Police administered first aid and she was removed from her home.

At that point police were told her husband was also in the home. They conducted a search of the house, but she was the only person who had been there at the time.

One police officer was admitted to hospital after showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, but has since been released.

Batchelor said this shows the importance of having a carbon monoxide detector in homes, as it saved her life. But he added people should leave the home when it goes off. "If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, get out," he said.

Making the situation more bizarre was that police were called back to the hospital to deal with a second violent patient while they were still at the woman's home.

That patient was controlled and transferred to Eden Mental Health.

Batchelor admitted those calls are not extremely common.

"It happens, but not excessively," he said. "We usually have half a dozen in a year."