Miller Aces Fastball blending and batting as a team

Lori Penner

The W.C. Miller Aces hosted MCI May 2, defeating them 9-2. Coach Marcy Heaman says the Aces delivered a strong game, both offensively and defensively. "We only had two errors on the field. We had some quick heads up plays from right field."

Heaman says the team has really come together since their opener April 27, and are displaying much more confidence.

"Meaghan Toews pitched a solid full game, and (the players) look comfortable with their roles and with each other," she says.

With a lot of new faces on the team, Heaman says there's a new dynamic on the field.

"It takes a while getting used to playing with someone, knowing how they play. Last year, our core group was together for four years, so they were used to each other. We have a new battery this year as well."

Heaman says she sees a connection taking place between this year's players, but knows it can take a few games before there's a real harmony.

"A catcher and pitcher really need to work as one," Heaman says.

"It just takes game experience to be on the same page, and know what to throw and expect in certain circumstances. It will take time, but we're on our (way) to achieving that."

Hot at the bat at their second game in Altona was Caley Steinert, who went 4/4 and Julianna Waldner, who went 2/3. Julianna had two doubles and Kari Braun added another double for the night.

The Aces faced Sanford in a double header May 9. The team will face Winkler in the season's first tournament May 13 and 14, with a final game against Winkler on May 16.