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McFadyen to Selinger - it only works if you build it

Manitoba PC leader Hugh McFadyen said NDP Leader Greg Selinger is calling on Ottawa to fund more flood mitigation efforts when he still hasn't finished building the ones he promised. The PCs say further funding for flood mitigation would only be wasted on Greg Selinger and the NDP, who have promised to build gates on the Shellmouth Dam three times since 2003, only to make absolutely no progress.

"Greg Selinger has shown he will not keep his word when it comes to building flood-fighting structures. Just look at the non-existent gates on the Shellmouth Dam. They were promised in 2003, in 2010 and 2011, and now they are 'on track' for 2014," said McFadyen. "Manitobans are now suffering because Greg Selinger and the NDP didn't keep their word."

At the premiers conference in Yellowknife, Selinger, without a hint of irony, said he expects the federal government to pay for further flood mitigation as part of their disaster relief payout. McFadyen points to Selinger's record of flood photo ops over actual flood preparation, such as the gates on the Shellmouth, as evidence the NDP cannot be trusted with any additional flood mitigation resources.

"How can anyone believe Greg Selinger would build anything, when the Shellmouth project sits stuck in neutral eight years after it was first promised, and then promised, and then promised once more?" added McFadyen. "You can't hold water back with press releases. Manitobans know that. We need a government that will go ahead and get the job done."