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Only PCs ready for election in southern Manitoba

Glen Hallick

With less than 40 days left before a candidates in the 40th provincial election are to be officially nominated, the Progressive Conservatives remain the only party to have candidates in the region.

According to the websites of the governing New Democrats and third-party Liberals neither has nomination meetings scheduled for Emerson, Midland, Morden-Winkler or Morris.

Voting day for the election is Oct. 4 and candidates must be registered with Elections Manitoba no later than 1 p.m. on Sept. 13.

So far the Tories list 45 candidates on their website, the NDP have 39 and the Liberals are at 38.

Seeking re-election for the Tories are Cliff Graydon in Emerson, Blaine Pedersen in the new constituency of Midland, and Mavis Taillieu in Morris.

First-time candidate Cameron Friesen is the Tory candidate in the new constituency of Morden-Winkler.