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New Democrats, Liberals begin nomination process

By Glen Hallick

The Valley Leader

The nomination wheels are beginning to turn for the region's New Democrats and Liberals as both parties have scheduled meetings for this month.

The NDP are taking a different route than the traditional gathering of the party faithful at a meeting hall. Instead, they will use teleconferences for the nominations in the Morden-Winkler (August 25), Midland (August 28), and Morris (August 28) constituencies.

A party spokesperson said there are two candidates for nomination with Aaron McDowell in Morden-Winkler and Lori Fiddler in Emerson. The NDP has yet to set a date for their Emerson nomination, nor have they confirmed candidates for nomination in Midland and Morris.

The Liberals have scheduled their Midland and Emerson nominations for August 23 at the party's headquarters in Winnipeg. A Liberal spokesperson said the nominations will coincide with a special party function at Molgat Place.

Former St. Jean Baptiste resident Michelin Beliveau wants to be the Liberal candidate in Emerson and Graysville resident Leah Jeffers wants to carry the party's colours in Midland.

Janelle Mailhot is seeking the party nod in Morris and the nomination meeting will be scheduled sometime during the last week of August.

The Liberals do have someone willing to run in Morden-Winkler, but the spokesperson said the prospect has yet to confirm their candidacy.

The Liberals have tentatively scheduled the Midland nomination meeting for August 25 at the party's headquarters in Winnipeg.

At this time, nothing has been scheduled for Emerson, Morden-Winkler, or Morris.

The Conservatives have already nominated Cameron Friesen (Morden-Winkler), Cliff Graydon (Emerson), Mavis Taillieu (Morris), and Blaine Pedersen (Midland).

With the redrawing of the boundaries for Manitoba's 57 constituencies, Midland and Morden-Winkler replace Carman and Pembina. Most of the former Pembina constituency is now part of Emerson and Midland.

Election day is Oct. 4 and means the election writ will most likely be dropped in early September. Prospective candidates have until 1 p.m. on Sept. 13 to file their nomination papers with Elections Manitoba in order to be on the ballot.

2007 Results


Peter George Dyck: 5,192 (77.1%)

Lisa Moore, NDP: 960 (14.2%)

Ralph Gowan, Lib: 570 (8.5%)


Blaine Pedersen, PC: 3,845 (58%)

Sharon Sadowy, NDP: 1,440 (21.7%)

Don Oldcorn, Lib: 1,293 (19.5%)


Cliff Graydon, PC: 3,636 (59.6%)

Chris Murash, NDP: 1,296 (21.2%)

Monica Guetre, Lib: 1,117 (18.3%)


Mavis Taillieu, PC: 4,404 (56.5%)

Kevin Stevenson, NDP: 2,517 (32.3%)

Michael Sherby, Lib: 808 (10.4%)

Province-wide the NDP won their third consecutive majority in 2007 with 36 seats, the Tories were second at 19, and the Liberals managed a pair of seats. Of the nearly 741,000 Manitoba voters, 56.75 per cent cast their ballots.

(source: Elections Manitoba)