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A banner year for beach and campground

By Allison Friesen

Hot weather and soggy provincial parks have brought many campers to park their trailers and pitch their tents at Lake Minnewasta's campground this year.

And with surprisingly few mosquitos, rare storms and a lot of sun, the Town of Morden's program co-ordinator said this summer has been one of the best so far.

Lisa Krueger oversees all programming initiatives and annual rental agreements while also looking after campground operations. And since being hired three years ago, this summer has been the busiest she's seen.

"It was such a great Manitoba summer. We've been very blessed with the weather and the perfect camping season.

"July and August have been great, and September long is booked," added Krueger, noting event weekends such as Canada Day, the Morden Triathlon and long weekends have brought many visitors to the Morden beach and campgrounds.

"The July 1 fireworks display was one of the biggest and best that we've had. Every year, that one just gets better. The crowd was huge this year.

"It's becoming more known that we have a nice campground and beach area. I've heard some comments this year of 'wow, I didn't know you had such a beautiful little spot here'," Krueger said.

"Camping and beaching is what people were looking for this summer."

Sites for Corn and Apple Festival weekend had been fully booked since mid-June, said Krueger adding they often get calls from people coming back year after year for the same weekends.

"If September stays warm and dry, we'll be busy right through," she said.

Krueger also talked about the continual upkeep of the camping area.

The newer trees are finally getting to a state now where the area looks like a more established campground.

"We're working on getting trees, trees and more trees. We did receive a grant for tree money and other than that we'd like to get some more grass growing in the Mosasaur Park. It's an ongoing work in progress."

A project that Krueger would like to see continued is the swim program offered at Colert Beach.

It's always a struggle to find certified instructors and beach patrols, she noted, but it has been able to make it work each year so far.

"The parents that do bring their kids up there appreciate them learning how to swim in a lake. It's different learning in a lake than a swimming pool," she said.