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One local community highlighted in NDP accomplishments

Greg Vandermeulen
Premier Greg Selinger said rural communities have made great strides in the last 10 years.

Premier Greg Selinger said rural communities have made great strides in the last 10 years.

A three page document released by the NDP to explain their commitment to rural Manitoba includes more than 40 references to rural communities who benefited from their programs. Only one of those communities is in the Red River Valley.

In a document that dealt with jobs and training, hydro development, health care, education, crime and environment, Altona was named once as an example of where the government invested.

"Rural Manitobans want and deserve to feel safe in their homes and communities," they stated in their information. "That's why we've invested in new policing resources across the province including communities such as Altona, Brandon, Dauphin, Swan River and The Pas.

The funding allowed the Altona Police to add another member to their force.

NDP leader Greg Selinger released his vision for rural Manitoba, including a mix of planning and highlighting NDP successes over the last term.

"Our vision for rural Manitoba is based on rural people having access to quality services and opportunities close to home," he said. "We have worked with rural communities and together we have made great strides over the past decade."

"We are going to keep building on that momentum," he added.

He also pledged his support for farmers on the Canadian Wheat Board issue.

"We will continue to stand up for farmers, by fighting for their right to determine the future of the Canadian Wheat Board and helping their bottom lines," Selinger said.

He added they want to be clear about where they want to go, and how they want to get there.

"This vision is what motivates us," he said.

"It will guide us as we continue to build a future that will make our children and grandchildren as proud to call Manitoba home as we are today."

Selinger addressed several key areas including jobs and training opportunities.

He pointed to the farmland school tax rebate which has been increased to 80 per cent, and pointed to expansions and openings of education facilities in Brandon, Dauphin, and Flin Flon.

Selinger spoke about equalized hydro rates which they will keep, as well as tax breaks for seniors, farmers and families.

Health care was also addressed with the NDP saying there are now 116 more doctors in rural Manitoba today than in 1999, and 1,099 rural and northern nurse vacancies have been filled through grants and relocation programs.

They cited hospitals built or renovated over the last decade in 10 communities, including Boundary Trails. More cancer treatments, personal care home beds and mobile care units are also being promised.

The NDP also highlighted what they say was a 47.2 per cent increase in overall education support since 1999.

New policing resources in four communities and recreational opportunities in three more were described as fighting crime and establishing safe communities.

However the NDP is promising new jails as well, along with programming to deal with addictions and mental illness.

The NDP also pledged to improve amenities in the provincial parks, open more cottage lots, subsidize well water testing and offer financial support for farmers who implement environmentally friendly practices.