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McFadyen announces support for youth programming

Manitoba Progressive Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen said community facilities, charities and not-for-profit organizations make a tremendous contribution toward making Manitoba communities safer and keeping them growing.

To help them, McFadyen announced a plan to support these organizations with a new, five year, $25 million Manitoba Youth Investment Fund. McFadyen made the announcement Sept. 9 at the Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg.

"We hear from a number of community centres and community facilities that they could do so much more programming if they had a little extra support to fill in for gaps that volunteers can't. Manitoba's volunteer spirit is tremendous, but we believe this fund will amplify the efforts of those volunteers, by providing for some additional staff support at community facilities around Manitoba," says McFadyen. "With more programming support for community organizations we can help provide some relief to volunteers, support for families, and make a positive difference in our community over the long term."

McFadyen said a PC government would launch a new $5 million Manitoba Youth Investment Fund that will provide $2 million to support youth-at-risk programming, $2 million to support more community workers, and $1 million to cover the fees required for background checks on volunteers. The program will bring support to programming around Manitoba that helps different families in different circumstances, all of whom make a difference in their respective communities.

"The cost of the record check should not be a hardship for volunteer organizations," adds McFadyen. "By investing in staff, supporting mentors, and covering the costs of background checks, we will support stronger community organizations that help build safer communities. Tackling crime and the causes of crime is positive change Manitobans want."