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Fiddler says health care, education and flood protection top priorities

Greg Vandermeulen
NDP candidate Lorie Fiddler.

NDP candidate Lorie Fiddler.

She's one of two parachute candidates in the Emerson constituency, but despite her lack of ties to the region, Selkirk resident and NDP candidate Lorie Fiddler said she will work with constituents. "I will listen to what concerns and issues families in the area have and then work to address them," she said. Married to her husband Larry for 29 years, she is the mother to three children, Luke, Will and Kat, and two grandchildren. Currently the director of the Selkirk Friendship Centre Day care, Fiddler is active in a variety of childcare related positions. She is the chairperson of the Growing Years Family Resource Centre, Healthy Together Now Committee for Chronic Disease Prevention, and the local Early Childhood Coalition. Fiddler has trained in the area of early childhood education with a focus on aboriginal childcare. Staying active is important to her, and running, paddling, curling, cross country skiing and cycling add to her busy schedule.

Fiddler wouldn't comment on her chances of being elected in the heavily Conservative constituency of Emerson, but said people deserve the right to choose.

"I am dedicated and hard working. I will put the issues of families in the area first," she said. "The residents of Emerson area deserve that option on their ballot."

Fiddler said her top three issues are health care, education and flood protection, adding she feels Greg Selinger and the NDP have a clear vision for moving Manitoba forward. "Things are on track," she said. She pointed to the NDP's record over the last 10 years, saying they have invested in things that families care about including hospitals, schools and new roads.

"We've invested in communities and neighbourhoods across the province," she said. "Together we've created thousands of new jobs since January 2010; there are 3,000 more nurses and 500 more doctors than a decade ago; we've expanded every college and university; our hydro projects have led to $5.5 billion in new hydro exports."

"These successes come from the people who live here," she added. "And from having an NDP government that cares about the same things Emerson families care about." Fiddler said she's ready to represent the constituency. "My dedication to childcare in Manitoba and my understanding of the issues that matter to parents make me a valuable member of Greg Selinger's NDP team and a strong voice for Emerson families."