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Despite Winnipeg home - Alli says he's the man to represent Morris

Glen Hallick
NDP - Mohamed Alli

NDP - Mohamed Alli

To a good many Morris voters Mohamed Alli is something of a familiar name when it comes to elections. And it's not because his name sounds very similar to that of the famous heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali.

Instead it's because Alli has been the NDP candidate for Portage-Lisgar in the last two federal elections. It's that familiarity he's hopes will bring him success.

"I decided to run because I feel that I am the best-suited person to represent the constituents of Morris," Alli said. "As a former candidate in the last two federal election for the federal NDP, I understand the issues constituents in the area have."

Alli said some of the issues Morris voters are concerned about include compensation for flooded areas and crop damages and the Harper government's dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board.

He said if he's elected he'll keep in regular touch with constituents.

"I intend to have a series of Town Halls meetings with the constituents to discuss their and priories their concerns that need immediate attention and resolve," Alli stated.

The Winnipeg resident was born in Guyana and immigrated to Canada in 1972. He became a citizen 10 years later.

"I am a long-time community volunteer and advocate for human rights and the rights of workers. I'm dedicated to serving my community and have worked with many community organizations including the United Way, the Salvation Army and the local food bank," Alli said.

Alli and his wife have three children. He's employed by TruServ Canada as warehouse associate and by Bee-Clean as building maintenance engineer.