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Taillieu seeking third term in Morris

Glen Hallick
Mavis Taillieu is seeking her third term as the PC candidate in Morris.

Mavis Taillieu is seeking her third term as the PC candidate in Morris.

Progressive Conservative incumbent Mavis Taillieu is seeking a third term as the MLA for Morris.

In 2003 the retired laboratory technologist and former publisher of the Headingley Headliner became the first woman to represent the constituency in the province's Legislative Assembly.

During Taillieu's political career she has served as the Opposition critic in a number of areas including: Culture, Heritage and Tourism; Family Services; Labour; Small Business; and the Workers' Compensation Board.

When it comes the constituency, which encompasses most of the Red River Valley, one of the big issues she has encountered is flood mitigation.

"I think there's a growing concern with this mismanagement of this year's flooding issues within the Assiniboine and Red River regions," Taillieu said.

Health care, she said, is another important issue to Morris voters, in particular access to health care services.

Infrastructure, namely maintenance of roads and highways, is a topic voters have raised at the doorstep.

Manitoba Hydro's route for its BiPole 3 transmission line is something the Tories have strongly opposed.

"The concern over putting BiPole 3 down the west side rather than the east side," Taillieu said.

The Tories disagree with the NDP's assertion the line needs to travel down the west of Lake Manitoba, and instead want it to take its original route down the east side of Lake Winnipeg.

If BiPole 3 takes its west side route, it will pass through the Morris constituency near Brunkild and cross the Red River before it turns northward to the yet-to-be built Riel Converter Station.

Taillieu also pointed out the issues the Tories are running on provincially.

"The state of the economy, the crime situation which mostly happening within the city, and health care is always an issue," she said. "Safer and healthier communities basically."

Given the dominance the Tories have had in Morris, Taillieu is able to devote some of her campaign efforts to fellow Tory candidates in a few Winnipeg constituencies.

"Before the [election] writ was dropped I was helping in St. Norbert and in Kirkfield Park," she said. "Right at the present time I am helping with Assiniboine."

Taillieu and here husband reside in Headingley and they have two adult sons.