Opinion Editorial

Shame on you NDP and Liberal candidates

Greg Vandermeulen

It's bad enough to have had an election campaign featuring two parachute candidates, it's even worse when it appears they forgot to jump.

The Liberal and NDP candidate campaigns in the Emerson constituency were a joke, and not a very funny one at that.

If either of them actually came to the riding to campaign, they did it in a quiet way, and sightings of Lorie Fidler (NDP) and Micheline Belliveau (Lib) seemed to have been rare to nonexistent.

We understand that in this Conservative dominated area, these out of town candidates are not going to have as much time, or money as our local PC incumbent, Cliff Graydon. But in the past, that hasn't stopped them from at least doing their best.

The local all candidates forum is an important part of the process for many. In fact, it's really the only opportunity we have to size up the opposition to our familiar PC party choice.

So this year, the Altona Chamber of Commerce again began to organize the event. I say began, because that's as far as it got.

It turns out the NDP and Liberal were unable to make it. At least that's what we assume. The truth is, they didn't even deign to reply to the multiple emails and phone calls sent their way. Apparently they were too busy to even press the reply button on the email.

This slap on the face does not just reflect the individuals, although it does show a lack of individual credibility as well.

It shows how both parties feel about our constituency. This very editorial page has often been used to harass taxpayers who's only crime is not caring enough to vote.

But at least those taxpayers aren't getting paid by other taxpayers, and nobody is accusing them of wanting to run the province.

But the NDP and Liberals are both parties who'd like us to think they care. They'd like us to think that all parts of the province are important to them.

That's obviously untrue and people in this constituency won't forget it. By now, the election is over, and thanks to a press deadline, at the time this was written no results were available.

But we have long memories, and this slight should not be forgotten.

It's one thing to be ignored by party leaders at election time. After all, it's not exactly a swing riding. But to be shunned by the very people who claim to want to represent us for the next four years in inexcusable.

Hats off of PC incumbent Cliff Graydon for being the only candidate who cares.