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Graydon easily wins Emerson

By Greg Vandermeulen

Red River Valley Echo

PC incumbent Cliff Graydon will serve another term as Emerson MLA.

He held the constituency - redrawn to include some of the former Pembina riding - with 3,983 votes - an increase of 347 from 2007.

With candidate Lorie Fiddler, the NDP saw their share of votes drop by just over 200 to take second with 1,082. Liberal candidate Micheline Belliveau received only 412 votes - a huge drop from Monica Guetre's 1,117 as Liberal in 2007.

Despite his victory, Graydon wasn't all that excited after watching his party remain the official opposition.

"I'm terribly afraid for the province," he said during the quiet election party hosted in Dominion City by his supporters. "I'm afraid of what Selinger is going to do, what he has to do to keep his promises."

Graydon credited his volunteers for helping him run a strong campaign, adding no matter what is projected, it's still feels like a welcome surprise when the numbers come in.

"You're always surprised," he said. "You're always happy when you win."

Commenting before PC leader Hugh McFadyen announced his intention to resign, Graydon supported his leader's efforts, refusing to entertain the idea that McFadyen was to blame for the party's failure to increase its seat count in the legislature.

"I think Hugh has done an excellent job," he said. "We had some great candidates. Hugh has been a great leader and still is a great leader," he added.

Graydon said he will continue to represent the issues of Emerson, such as a lack of cell phone service and advocating for an ambulance facility in Dominion City.