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Manitoba Tories will choose a new leader next October.

QMI Agency

The provincial Progressive Conservative party announced in a media release that the convention will take place Oct. 27, 2012 in Winnipeg.

All members of the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party will be able to cast a ballot in the one member, one vote selection process.

The process was approved Nov.26 at a meeting of the PC executive council.

"The Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party is a true grassroots party, and our leadership election process reflects this by ensuring every member has a vote," said Ken Lee, the party's chief financial officer, who will chair the leadership election committee. "This timeline will allow for a strong and vigorous campaign and provide the time needed for candidates to fully engage the membership."

More information, including the location of the convention, will be released later, the Tories said.

Hugh McFadyen will continue to serve as leader of the party until his successor is chosen.