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Mennonite girls can cook - and sign

Greg Vandermeulen

Authors of a popular cookbook called Mennonite Girls Can Cook, will be in Altona for a book signing, Saturday, Dec. 3 from 2-4 p.m. at Ten Thousand Villages.

Buying that cookbook can help change the lives of hungry children in Ukraine.

Ten Thousand Villages in Altona sells the book called Mennonite Girls Can Cook, a tiny blog turned best selling cookbook and all royalties are being donated to feed orphaned children in Ukraine.

The 10 authors agreed early on that any money their cookbook generated would support a cause. Together they chose the Good Shepherd Shelter in Makeevka, Eastern Ukraine. Giving back to the country many of the women's ancestors came from is especially meaningful.

"When God whispered the idea to start a blog celebrating our Mennonite heritage recipes I never imagined that such a simple idea could include a way to feed hungry children," says Lovella Schellenberg, founder of Mennonite Girls Can Cook. "It is with joy that we are now working with MCC to build a greenhouse at the Good Shepherd Shelter."

The Mennonite girls have measured and tasted, tested and stewed. Their recipes, passed on from mothers and grandmothers with directions like "stir in enough flour to make a soft dough" now have exact measures, beautiful images and in some cases step-by-step photographs.

A cookbook that is as much a gift of friendship as a gift of recipes, Mennonite Girls Can Cook is available at Ten Thousand Villages in Altona and elsewhere, and at

The Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog, which started in 2008 as a way to share recipes, faith and tradition with family and friends, has since welcomed more than three million visitors.