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PCs to reintroduce red tape bill after NDP get F

For a second year in a row, the NDP have received an "F" on a red tape report card from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, as businesses in our province continue to be overburdened and stifled by unnecessary government regulation.

"Business owners are bypassing Manitoba and this NDP's unfriendly attitude toward business," said Dennis Smook, PC Critic for Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade. "The amount of government regulation placed on businesses is overwhelming. We need to do something about reducing of red tape in order to stimulate the private sector to invest in businesses and create jobs."

The Tories plan to introduce the Regulatory Accountability and Transparency Act in the upcoming session of the Legislature.

The Bill would require government to make its regulations more transparent. It would also require each government department to eliminate unnecessary regulation and encourage restraint in making new regulation, Smook added.

"We hope the NDP will stop ignoring businesses and adopt our business-friendly legislation," said Smook.

Prior attempts to introduce this legislation earned Mavis Taillieu, PC MLA for Morris, a recent nomination by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business for the Golden Scissors award. "I know small business owners across Manitoba join me in congratulating Mavis," said Smook. "And they hope the NDP will give our private members bill a fair shake this time around."