Opinion Letters

We are lucky to have Toews as MP of Provencher

Cliff Graydon, MLA for Emerson

Last week, I was very pleased to see our local member of Parliament, Vic Toews, stand to vote on Bill C-19. This bill finally puts an end to the wasteful and ineffective Long-Gun Registry.

In his riding of Provencher, Minister Toews has consistently stood beside farmers and hunters in opposition to the registry. He promised to scrap it, and now with a majority government behind him, he has delivered on that promise. I'd like to thank him for his unwavering support of rural Manitoba and also congratulate him on the successful conclusion to this long fought battle.

Whether it be through infrastructure grants, lower taxes, safer streets, standing up for victims of crime or scrapping the long gun registry, Minister Toews has continually delivered results for his constituents in Provencher. We are very fortunate to have him as our representative in Ottawa and I look forward to continuing to work together with him on behalf of the residents of south-eastern Manitoba.