Opinion Editorial

NDP MLAs act morally bankrupt

Greg Vandermeulen

In politics there's no such thing as a perfect party or MLA. Everyone seems to fudge the truth, or show questionable ethics at one time or another.

But in Canada, it is actually quite rare to have a government so completely morally bankrupt they have been caught lying, and breaking the law.

Manitoba has such a government right now, and even a staunch NDP supporter with a lick of sense must be saddened by what's happened under Greg Selinger's watch. Take for instance what Greg Selinger said during a leaders debate on Sept. 12, 2011. "Our plan is a five year plan to ensure that we have future prosperity without any tax increases and we'll deliver on that..."

Yet only eight months later Selinger and his cronies raised taxes by $184 million and user fees by $114 million for the largest tax increase since 1987. Many current wage earners have never seen it this bad.

Many allow the NDP excuses. After all, maybe they just didn't think the economy was quite as bad as it is, or perhaps they forgot to factor in flood costs.

But any doubt, and possible good will you had toward this NDP government has to disappear when you hear what happened on June 11.

After Theresa Oswald used a birth centre to stage an announcement during the run-up to the campaign, something election laws don't allow, the PC party has been crying foul.

It was an unfair advantage, plain and simple.

Yet the NDP have not even apologized.

Oswald simply said she didn't know it was wrong. Try using that defense in a court of law.

So the PC party puts forward a resolution that states the provincial government "agree that the premier and cabinet ministers are not above the law and when they break a law they must be held accountable with penalties as would any Manitoban."

Obviously a cheap shot by the PC Party, it should have given the NDP no choice. But instead of realizing they've been bested, the NDP actually voted against this motion.

The NDP have loudly said to Manitobans that they are above the law and should be able to break it with no penalties.

This does not meet any standard of morality. It is disgusting and reprehensible.

To see human beings with such a lack of ethics is saddening and it must be addressed.