Unconscious Bieber video emerges

Justin Bieber. (Brian To/WENN.com)

Justin Bieber. (Brian To/WENN.com)

Justin Bieber had a lucky escape when he blacked out after a concert in France last month - newly-emerged footage shows the pop superstar tumbling on a flight of stairs.

The Baby hitmaker ran into a pane of glass backstage midway through the gig in Paris on May 31 and hurt his head.

He finished the show, but fell ill after his performance - and although Bieber played down the incident, telling fans he "passed out for, like, 15 seconds", it's now emerged he was unconscious for five minutes.

Footage of the drama, which aired on the singer's U.S. TV special All Around The World on Wednesday night, shows Bieber walking down a flight of stairs backstage and suddenly becoming woozy, slumping to the floor.

His bodyguards are seen stopping Bieber from falling too far, and a member of his entourage is heard on tape shouting, "Water, water, can we get some water?"

A man in the star's team adds, "He slammed into the wall and passed out on the stairs. I mean, he walked down the stairs and just dropped. He was out, he was unconscious for like four or five minutes."