Opinion Letters

Did orphaned black bear really make it to the wild?

Cliff Graydon, MLA for Emerson

I am again calling for transparency when it comes to the NDP government's management of an orphaned bear cub - Makoon - found by one of my constituents near St. Malo this spring.

Thousands of people from around the world are demanding answers about the NDP government's handling of this situation.

Among the serious questions being raised are:

Why did the NDP government not pursue the opportunity to have Makoon placed in a rehabilitation facility in another jurisdiction so it could grow larger before being re-released into the wild?

Why were individuals - myself included - denied the opportunity to observe the cub either at the zoo to check on its progress, or to witness its release into the wild?

Why didn't the NDP government provide any photos of Makoon and the other bear cub as they were released to show their condition and stage of development?

Why didn't the NDP government tag the cubs? The thousands of concerned citizens who are following the case of Makoon deserve answers to these questions and many others.

However, as a result of this NDP government's secretive behaviour, I, as well as many Manitobans, do not believe that Makoon lived long enough to be released in to the wild.

It is deeply disappointing that the Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship has not demonstrated full transparency in his handling of this situation.

I challenge him to clear the air once and for all so it no longer looks like he's hiding something.

The world is watching.