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A happy ending to a painful journey

Kayla Greenwood

Kayla Greenwood gives a big thumbs up before the procedure that would change her life. She wants to give other women suffering from Endometriosis the same peace and hope for recovery that she has today.

Kayla Greenwood gives a big thumbs up before the procedure that would change her life. She wants to give other women suffering from Endometriosis the same peace and hope for recovery that she has today.


This story was submitted by Kayla Greenwood, who underwent a life-changing procedure last year. The chronic pain from Endometriosis kept the young Gretna mom from functioning normally and each day was agony. The Echo printed her story in February, 2014, to help raise awareness and funds for her surgery. This is her inspiring account of what her life has been like since then.

After being in contact with Dr. Cook at Vital Health Institute, I knew this was going be the chance of a lifetime to getting rid of this disease we call, Endometriosis.

It’s been a hard journey struggling with misdiagnosis, not knowing what all the chronic pain, nausea and fatigue was all about. For years, it was hard to even get out bed, eat breakfast, and go to work. I would wake up in the middle of the night, crying in pain. My legs would go numb or I would collapse.

So what really is this scary disease we call Endometriosis? It’s basically the uterine lining growing all over our organs. It can grow absolutely everywhere in/on the body. Your brain and lungs are included in some cases. So once a month we bleed internally, which causes an unimaginable amount of pain that no medication could ever touch. They say the pain we feel is in fact worse than labor, which I’ve experienced, and it is, indeed, true.

There were many ER trips, specialist appointments and doctor visits involved. No one could pinpoint the cause or what was happening to me. After being in contact with a family member, Crystal, who is only 24, and had been diagnosed very early and dealt with this disease her entire life, I brought it up to my family doctor who graciously listened with an open mind and suggested I get in to see an OBGYN, ASAP, to diagnose if this was indeed, Endometriosis.

After seeing the OBGYN at Women’s Health in Winnipeg and exhausting our not so great options of either, a) Get pregnant and hope for the best after those nine months, or, b) Have a laparoscopic surgery done, and expect to have one approximately every two years for the rest of my life, I knew there had to be a better alternative.

This is when I found Dr. Cook, and knew after reading that he has a 97% success rate, that this was going to be our best and only option to renewing my health and body. 

As of March 2014, in a matter of a few weeks, we had raised $30,000 to allow my spouse and I to travel to California where we sought out the care and expertise of Dr. Cook. We arrived in California on March 8 and had our first appointment with Dr. Cook the following day. We walked into a beautiful clinic, where we were greeted with such kindness and care from the staff of Vital Health before meeting with Dr. Cook.

We waited patiently for him to come speak with us, and as he arrived, we could tell from the first moment how passionate and knowledgeable he was about this disease. We had never met such a warm-hearted and kind specialist who was so eager to ensure I was properly looked after. I left the clinic knowing, that there was indeed hope for me, and that I would be okay. 

We arrived at the hospital on the morning of the 13th where we checked in, and I was taken to prepare for my procedure. The staff were once again, just so kind and warm. You could really feel you were in a safe place. After my prep was done, they wheeled me away and so it began!

My husband, Oliver, waited for me to come out of surgery and four hours later, I awoke in my room with him by my side. Usually when I had woken from previous surgeries, I experienced bad nausea and pain. But this time was different. I awoke with no pain, and no nausea! Was this for real?

I left the same day and remember walking out to our car with a huge sigh of relief. This was it! It was over! We went back to our hotel where I spent the next few days recovering until our next appointment. I remember I kept waking up every morning, with no pain and a huge appetite. I even had crazy amounts of energy, which was so new to me. I was up and about loving life again! It was a God-sent miracle.

We had our follow-up appointment with Dr. Cook where he shared how he found Endometriosis on my bladder, bowels and around my uterus and ovaries – the root cause to all my pain over these years. He also diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis, which is something that goes hand in hand with Endo. (You can read more about both of these in his book called “Stop Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain”). 

This brings me to today.

As of March 13, this month, I have been living my life completely pain and Endometriosis free! My one year anniversary that my life has completely changed, that my body has been restored and that I have found peace knowing I am well again.

I am enjoying life to its fullest, knowing I have been so blessed to have the support that allowed me to get this procedure done. To everyone who donated last year – a thank you is not even enough to show you how very thankful I am. You are the reason I am standing here today and without you, my life would have been very different this March. I am truly blessed and cannot put into words how much this has all meant to me. 

In honor of March being Endometriosis Awareness Month, I am helping other women fund their way to get the treatment they deserve from Dr. Cook!

We are hosting a Vendor & Craft Sale at the Rhineland Pioneer Centre on March 28 where over 50 crafters and vendors will be showcasing their shops and products. We encourage you to come stop by as there will be a few big ticket items including a brand new BBQ to be won at our Silent Auction.

We thank all our friends, family and the community that have brought all this happiness into our lives. It is time for us to “Pay It Forward” and support other women who are in need of the right Endometriosis care. We hope you join us at our fundraiser to help support this cause!

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