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Donation eases pressure on patients

Andrew Pruden

Checking blood pressure

Checking blood pressure


Blood pressure in Morden is about to get a lot better supervision thanks to local pharmacist Lisa Zaretzky-Arnold. Arnold, owner of Apothecary of Morden, donated her comprehensive blood pressure monitoring machine to the Agassiz Community Board April 22 at the Agassiz Medical Centre. Zaretzky-Arnold made the donation to address a crucial need in Morden’s growing population.

It was a call to action by the Agassiz Community Board that originally introduced Zaretzky-Arnold to the fundraising effort. “I saw an ad that [said] the board was asking for donations, smaller ones, to contribute towards purchasing the monitor. Because I already owned [the monitor] I looked at the request for donations [as a chance to help and] just remind the community that this is our clinic and I am part of the community. Even though I’m also a business attached to the clinic I wanted to contribute towards that.”

Another reason for the donation was that local citizens could make good use of the comprehensive machine. “The monitor I had bought had all the accessories that were required to give to various sizes of people and different [modes] like test your blood pressure right now or over a period of 24 hour period, it can have multiple uses.”

Another reason for the donation was that while this type of equipment was offered for rent it wasn’t being used to the full extent it could be. “A lot of people preferred to be on the waiting list at the clinic because they did not have to pay for [the blood pressure monitoring machine.]

Agassiz Medical Board member Henry Penner knows that the new donation will make a big impact, especially among those that cannot properly test their blood pressure with a doctor. “One of the issues about one of these 24 hour blood pressure monitors is that there are so many people out there that [have something called] the “white coat disease”, they get all excited when they see the doctor and their blood pressure goes through the roof. This way [with this machine] you can get a blood pressure reading throughout the day and then the doctors can make a much better assessment.”

Penner also sees pressure monitoring as something that will impact people now, or in the future, and therefore machines like these are a great investment.

“Blood pressure is an ongoing issue with our health so this is something that was very greatly needed and it was one of our priorities as far as equipment which we supply as a community board to the community. It’s wonderful when we get donations that help us towards these goals, it’s very much appreciated.”

Despite the well-earned praise Zaretzky-Arnold stays humble and has a very simple reason for making the donation, “it [just] felt like the right thing to do.”


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