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Lori Penner

Becky Cianflone, Triple R business analyst, says e-commerce workshops will address concerns for online entrepreneurs.

Becky Cianflone, Triple R business analyst, says e-commerce workshops will address concerns for online entrepreneurs.


Community Futures staff have noticed an influx of inquiries from crafters and artists looking to take their business to the next level.
“Many of them are stay at home moms or individuals working part time and/or looking to supplement their income,” says Triple R business analyst Becky Cianflone.
“Obviously, selling on the web is a way to expand your reach… worldwide!”
In response to these inquiries, Community Futures is excited to announce upcoming e-commerce workshops in partnership with the staff at Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba and Community Futures Heartland.
Cianflone says the workshops will address a number of considerations for all online entrepreneurs, but the focus will be on using Etsy as a tool to turn a craft hobby into a business.
Even if you’re still just considering expanding your business to include online sales, she says these workshops can be a valuable resource.
Pat Sargeant from Women’s Enterprise Centre will be at each workshop sharing basic information about registering a business name, tax considerations, and writing a business plan.
Participants will also learn about offline vs. online selling, pricing, packaging and shipping, payment processing, branding, using social media to grow your business, and how to get started on Etsy. They’ll also learn about other resources to support their business, such as Community Futures.
You can choose from two dates and locations.
A Morris workshop will take place Feb. 9, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Community Triple R boardroom at 220 Main St. North. It will feature two panelists.
Ashley Budge, who resides in Aubigny, operates Country Stitched. Her Etsy shop has had almost 1,200 sales in just over a year.
Amanda Reimer is the owner of Silver Moose Arts. She has had $33,000 in sales both on and offline since she started her company and now mentors other Etsy operators.
A Morden workshop will take place Feb. 10, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Kinsmen Room at the Access Event Centre, 111 Gilmour St. This event will also be led by experienced local Etsy entrepreneurs. Register by Feb. 5 by calling 204-239-0135, or online at
The cost for each workshop is $10.
Cianflone says their goal is to give crafters, artists, producers and entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed.