Cover story: The Catie St. Germain Band

Emily Distefano, The Carman Valley Leader

The Catie St. Germain Band is coming to Carman next month. (Courtesy Facebook)

The Catie St. Germain Band is coming to Carman next month. (Courtesy Facebook)

If you want the chance to hear one of Manitoba’s premier cover bands, you’ll get your chance next month in Carman.

The Catie St. Germain Band will take the stage at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 18 in March.

Fronted by vocalist Catie St. Germain, the band’s repertoire includes a wide range of country, pop and rock songs covering all the hits from the past six decades.

St. Germain’s clean-cut, powerhouse vocals bring her covers to life. The songstress has been singing pretty much since she was able to, and she’s got the talent and the musicality to prove it.

The granddaughter of legendary country entertainer Ray St. Germain, she says music was just a part of growing up.

“My family always had parties and get-togethers and were always made to sing,” she said.

She began playing professionally as soon as she turned 18 and now has nine years experience playing in her cover band.

Bandmates Greg Czemerynski on guitar and Leigh Kippen on bass have been with her for most of those nine years, and Miranda Harper is also a long-time member.

New last year is fellow frontman Dave Stelter, who is also known for being part of Winnipeg’s rock/country cover band Almost Famous.

"He used to also front his own band so we kind of came together to make a super band," said St. Germain.

Together, the group plays hits from artists as diverse as Carrie Underwood, Johnny Cash, Bon Jovi, Bruno Mars, Green Day, Cyndi Lauper, Enrique Iglesias, Rihanna Nirvana, Dixie Chicks and much more.

St. Germain said they usually play to their audience.

"In Carman we [will] play whatever the crowd wants us to," she said. "We have learned a lot of different genres so we can cater to the venue! Super excited about it. We love to take requests and play a variety."

Carman Legion Vice President Dennis Young said the March booking came up through a mutual acquaintance, and the organization jumped at the chance to host a Catie St. Germain concert.

The Legion has tried to schedule a performance before, but the timing didn’t work out.

Young said it’s awesome to be able to offer this kind of show for local audiences.

“She is one of the top cover bands not only on the Winnipeg scene, but across Canada,” he said. “Ray St. Germain’s granddaughter too...are you kidding??”

Young said ticket sales have already taken off.

“People are starting to realize our Legion events are selling out in advance so are hurrying to get one of the 80 we can seat,” he said. “The last three shows have been waiting list only, two weeks before the event day.”

The show starts at 8:00 pm on March 18.

A limited number of tickets are available until March 10 or while supplies last. Contact the Carman Legion at 204-745-2454 for more information.