Siemens launches Have a Little Faith tour

Greg Vandermeulen

Rosemary & The Sweet Sound Revival will make nine stops on their western Canadian tour including Gretna, Winnipeg and Brandon. (RejeanBrandt.com)

Rosemary & The Sweet Sound Revival will make nine stops on their western Canadian tour including Gretna, Winnipeg and Brandon. (RejeanBrandt.com)


Rosemary & The Sweet Sound Revival will launch the western Canadian tour, called “Have a Little Faith”, with three stops in Manitoba.
After opening the tour in Brandon, Siemens will come to Buhler Hall in Gretna, March 18 for the promotional tour for Plum Coulee My Home, her first country/bluegrass album.
The album, crafted with local performers Orlando and Grace Sukkau, and local producer Dale Penner, has been attracting attention across the continent.
“This week our first single, Barefoot ‘n Bling, charted #11 on the country music charts,” Siemens said. “This week the album was featured in Billboard magazine because I won a Global Music Award.”
This week Have a Little Faith, the song the tour is named for is being released to radio as well.
Siemens said they’ve already done some promotion of the album.
“We did two big press tours and did a lot of the morning talk shows across Canada,” she said. She’ll also be performing and sharing her stories on 100 Huntley Street, a Toronto based television show.
“Things are going really well,” she said.
Many know Rosemary Siemens for her classical music, and she is currently touring with world renowned pianist Roy Tan. In fact she spoke about her bluegrass album shortly after arriving in Taiwan, on a cruise where she visited Manila and Hong Kong as well.
“I love different aspects of everything I do,” she said. “This will be a total departure from what Roy and I do, but it’s all very enjoyable.”
The western Canadian tour begins March 17 in Brandon and ends March 29 in Abbotsford, with stops in Gretna, Winnipeg, Saskatoon (a Big Brothers Big Sisters fundraiser), Regina, Calgary, Kamloops and Penticton.
It’s the first time she’s put a tour like that together with her producer, and she said it’s a lot of work.
“I said to my dad the other day, ‘it’s so scary, you don’t know if people are going to be coming and lots of those cities I haven’t been to before’,” she said. “My dad said, ‘it’s no different than when I put seed in the ground and I don’t know if I’ll have a yield for my harvest.’ He said ‘it’s the same thing. You’re planting seeds now. Pray about it and have a little faith.’”
“To bring a six piece band across the country is not cheap,” she said. “It’s expensive and it’s scary but I’ve got to have faith that it’s going to go well.”
It’s a fitting tour title for Siemens. “I think Have a Little Faith has a very strong message,” she said, adding she loves to tell inspirational stories as part of her tour, including the one that inspired the song. That song was written after her violin was stolen, and miraculously returned.
“I think people will gravitate to something that has meaning,” she said. “If you inspire people to have faith when the going gets hard and to just have faith to see it through, I think that’s just so important.”
And while Rosemary & The Sweet Sound Revival hope to entertain, that’s not the only goal. “I think there’s a lot of meaningful topics in my show that I hope will inspire people,” she said.
The trip will be a family affair, with her father taking the wheel of one of the tour vans, while her mother sells CD’s at the concerts. And with artists including Grace and Orlando Sukkau, guests on guitar, harmonica and upright bass, she’s excited about the possibilities.
“I’m really excited and I think the group of musicians I have are just incredible,” she said.
Ray St. Germain will be the special guest for the Gretna and Winnipeg shows. “He’s such a great entertainer,” Siemens said. “He’s going to open up the show for me and he’s going to join me on a few tunes. It’s a great honour to have him.”
Siemens has toured the world, played at New York’s Carnegie Hall four times and was the first and only violinist ever to play at the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Basilica in Rome. But speaking from a cruise ship in Taiwan, Siemens said nothing compares to being back in Manitoba.
“My favourite thing is playing for my home town crowd,” she said. “There’s nothing I like better than playing for my friends and family back home.”
Tickets for the March 18 show at Buhler Hall in Gretna are available at Winkler Bible Book Shop, Jasmine Tea House in Altona and at mciblues.net.