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Heartland X-Ray opens in Winkler

Lauren MacGill


A new x-ray clinic opened its doors in Winkler on Saturday May 27.
Dr. Denise Vicari owns Heartland Chiropractic in the Norquay Plaza, and now invited the public to help her celebrate the opening of her new venture, Heartland X-Ray.
“I’m really excited, because this has been my vision for a lot of years,” Vicari said. “I love this community, I love the people here. This is my gift. This is my project back to the community, that it becomes an affordable, easy way to come in and have care. This is my gift for this community.”
Heartland X-Ray has been open since fall, but this grand opening felt like “the birthday” of the clinic, Vicari said.
Vicari said their rating on radiation is one of the lowest in Canada. “We have state of the art digital [equipment],” she said. “You can come here and have your x-rays taken at a really minimal rate.”
One of the reasons Vicari wanted a separate x-ray facility was for her own patients, who were often waiting long periods of time to get seen by doctors. “My position here is people are coming to see me, and they’re paying me for my time,” she said. “They’re paying to have an answer, and it’s my obligation as a doctor to give it to them. I take that seriously.”
Vicari said the need for x-rays is one she has seen in the area. “I think a lot of doctors are overwhelmed,” she said. “I just want to be able to provide services when people can’t get in and help them get answers where they need it.”
“I have a lot of people who say that they would love to have an x-ray,” Vicari said. “A lot of them would go see my colleagues, they would travel into [Winnipeg] to go get an x-ray taken. So they were taking a trip and having an x-ray. It’s really tough to get in sometimes when you feel the need is right there and the concern is real.”
Eventually, when the building is paid off, Vicari wants to turn Heartland X-Ray into a non-profit with a board of directors.
“I had excellent doctors where I grew up, and I want to be that type of doctor,” Vicari said. “I’m not running a manufacturing business. I’m in the people business, in healthcare.”
“When I’m not here, this place is going to have a legacy to stay,” Vicari said. “I definitely am making that happen. Get ready, this place isn’t leaving. It might grow, but it’s not leaving.”