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Elm Creek 4-H steering toward Cancer Care

Greg Vandermeulen

A donation of a steer and some hard work and dedication by Elm Creek 4-H members will result in a donation for the Cancer Care Unit at Boundary Trails Health Centre.

The Elm Creek 4-H Beef Club took on the care of what was then a weaned calf in early December, and will auction it off at the Carman Fair as part of the 4-H Beef auction on July 14.

Leader Trevor Carlson said the project was made possible thanks to the donation of the animal.

“A local cattle producer from the Elm Creek area by the name of Francis Poulsen is going through some cancer treatments right now and he decided this was something he wanted to do,” Carlson said.

A former 4-H leader himself, Poulsen proposed the idea to the current club.

“He was willing to donate a steer if the club members would look after it and be able to take it the fair,” Carlson said.

That offer was eagerly accepted by the beef club members. “The members decided they would look after it,” he said. “A couple of the young fellows volunteered to keep it at their place and the rest of the club decided they would pay half the feed bill.” (Francis Poulsen is covering the other half.)

Members are eagerly waiting for the sale day to find out what the steer will bring for the Cancer Care Unit.

“Just market price on this steer is probably close to $2,500,” Carlson said. “The 4-H steer prices typically run $2,800 and up. We’ve seen steers go up to $5,000 or very close to it.”

Carlson said he’s proud of the 4-H members for taking this on.

“Part of the 4-H program is leadership and teaching the kids about the community and how to be good citizens,” he said. “This is something they can do and there was no hesitation at all. They wanted to get involved.”

Shannon Samatte-Folkett, Executive Director of the Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation, said they’re excited about the donation.

“We’re just honoured that they chose us,” she said, adding it’s great to see kids get involved in a project like this.

“I wish them luck.”

The 4-H Beef sale takes place July 14 at 1 p.m. at the Carman Fair.

The sale is not restricted to those who want to fill their freezer with meat.

True North Foods has offered a price for any steer that buyers do not want to keep. That price will be announced at the sale and will be based on current market price.

After the sale the buyer will pay the full bid amount, and if they don’t want the meat the steer will be sold to True North Foods and they will issue a refund cheque to the buyer for the floor price.