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Esso Cup scholarships presented

Greg Vandermeulen

The success of the 2017 Esso Cup in Morden continues to benefit local hockey players today.
Scholarship Committee Chair Darcie Reimer announced the presentation of three Esso Cup 2017 Legacy Fund scholarships to local female hockey players as they pursue their careers.
Erin Doherty of Morden, Mackenzie Hutchinson of Manitou and Katie Heppner of Winkler were this year’s recipients of scholarships totalling $2,000.
But this won’t be the only time the committee pays it forward.
“We are giving away $2,000 a year for five years,” Reimer said.
These scholarships are presented to a student that’s planning to attain a post-secondary education.
Applicants were asked to provide a list of their community and school involvement, a reference letter, an academic transcript, and an essay outlining what life lessons or benefits hockey has given them. They were also asked for their future plans to leave their mark on the sport of hockey.
Reimer said they were pleased to be able to give out scholarships. “It was something we had on our minds right from the beginning (of planning for the Esso Cup),” she said. “We just weren’t sure how much money we were going to make until after the event.”
The fund remained a priority after the Esso Cup profits were tallied. “It was a priority to get the scholarship going,” she explained.
This year’s recipients share a plan to play hockey next year.
Erin Doherty plans to attend Assiniboine Community College in Brandon and take Business Administration courses.
Mackenzie Hutchinson plans to attend the University of Regina to take Business Administration Courses.
Katie Heppner plans to attend Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario to play hockey and start the Bachelor of Physical and Health Education degree program.