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Esso Cup a financial success

Greg Vandermeulen

2017 Esso Cup Chair Clare Agnew. (JOEL NICKEL/Morden Times)

2017 Esso Cup Chair Clare Agnew. (JOEL NICKEL/Morden Times)


Final financial numbers for the 2017 Esso Cup show the event was a massive success.
In a press release issued July 21, the host committee reported a profit of $57,000, all of which will flow into the community.
The committee had budgeted to break even before a single ticket was sold. That means even if not one person had attended the Esso Cup, they would have survived in the black.
Not only did people support the event through game tickets, 50/50, merchandise sales and silent auction tickets, they came in greater numbers than expected.
“The committee certainly set a stage for the community and the momentum increased throughout the week,” Clare Agnew, chair of the 2017 Esso Cup said. “Game-day ticket sales increased every day, and the atmosphere was amazing. It was the place to be.”
“As the event was taking place, we had crowds that we just were not really expecting,” she added.
Agnew said the financial benefits are especially rewarding since that was never their goal.
“We didn’t want to cut corners on our budget just to make more money,” she said. “Our goal wasn’t to make money. Our goal was to put on an amazing event and at the end of the day if we had money that would be a bonus.”
She said dedicated volunteers, great sponsors and a region that embraced the event led to their success.
“It’s humbling and also very rewarding that the community embraced the event as much as they did,” she said. “We want to make sure the community knows how much we appreciate their enthusiasm and how they embraced the event.”
Hockey Canada also applauded the event and the organizers.
“Morden and the host organizing committee truly went above and beyond for the 2017 Esso Cup,” Anne-Marie Murphy, event manager with Hockey Canada said. “They have left not only a positive legacy with the community but with the six participating teams, the fans and the volunteers.” The Esso Cup continues to support the community in a variety of ways.
The committee announced a three-part legacy plan.
The funds will support Pembina Valley Minor Hockey for player and official development, provide scholarships for Pembina Valley Hawks for the next five years and assist in facility upgrades.
But the committee also found ways to support organizations beyond writing cheques.
The towels that were used for the week were cleaned and passed on to Genesis House and Katie’s Cottage. “We wanted to make sure we helped community groups as well as the hockey program, so where possible we have distributed items,” Agnew said.
At the end of the event merchandise was available at a reduced rate to volunteers, with funds collected donated to KidSport.
The committee also honoured Todd Krassman, the VIP Transportation Chair who passed away six days after the Esso Cup. The committee made a donation in his memory to Jumpstart and Canadian Blood Services and will be installing a bench at the Access Event Centre.
“Todd was an important part of the Esso Cup committee and Morden’s hockey community,” Agnew said. “We felt it was important to recognize his contribution.”