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Time capsule to capture local zeitgeist

Emily Stobbe-Wiebe

The Dufferin Historical Museum is making a bid for the future with their Canada 150 time capsule to be opened in 2067, Canada’s 200th anniversary. The time capsule will be sealed September 9 at the museum’s Canada 150 celebration, Grandparents’ Day, and Harvest Tea joint event.

The event will also include a tree planting and light refreshments.

Item suggestions

So far, there have been some interesting suggestions for items to put in the time capsule including fidget spinners, the museum’s Canada 150 book “Memorable Stories: Carman and Area: Celebrating Canada’s 150th,” Tim Hortons coffee, Crown Royal, a current issue of the Valley Leader, a Co-op grocery flyer, the hottest cellphone, maple syrup, and this year’s tourist guide, to name a few.

Tyler King, Economic Development Officer for Carman Dufferin, says they are still looking for more suggestions.

“We will definitely consider all options as long as it is something that isn’t going to potentially damage other items,” he said. “We aren’t going to put liquid items in there.”

To submit ideas for the time capsule, stop by the museum, phone the museum at 204-745-3597, or contact Tyler King at 204-745-2675.

While most items included in the time capsule will say something about 2017, four items will be forward-looking, celebrating Canada’s 200th anniversary.

“One of the key things we would like to do is some posters. What we are looking at is a poster celebrating Canada’s 200th birthday, which is when we plan on opening this in 2067,” said King. “Our age groups are 5 and under, 6 to 8, 9 to 12, and 13 and over.”

To submit a poster for the competition, bring it to the museum with your name and phone number printed on the back by August 31.

Shelving it for later

Once the time capsule is sealed, it will be placed on a shelf, awaiting opening in 2067.

When asked why it wasn’t being buried, King said they were concerned about whether they could find it again.

“We talked about burying it, but we worried we won’t remember where we buried it!”

The museum has a plan in place for making sure the time capsule is opened at the scheduled time even though most of the current museum board members will be long gone by that time.

“For example, I’ll be 89, so even myself, I’ll be pretty old,” said King. “But we are hoping that some of the younger people around will remember. But it will be on a shelf and there will be a large note on it [saying] to open it up at that time, so the museum board members at that time should easily be able to see and know that that needs to be done.”

The time capsule idea was created to bring awareness to the museum, but most importantly to protect local history, which is the mandate of the Dufferin Historical Museum.

“It’s a neat way to preserve a little bit of our community currently as it is and to be able to look at it in 50 years and see how things have changed and what the interesting gadgets of the day are,” said King. “That’s why the fidget spinner is in there because it is popular right now.”

The museum hopes to make a tradition of time capsules that will help Carman and area maintain a historical memory and have fun with it.

“In 50 years, hopefully it will be an interesting event to be able to open and take a look at,” said King. “We kind of want to create a legacy of time capsules.”