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Cool treats raise thousands for charity

Lauren MacGill


Only 45 minutes after the store opening on August 10, the Winkler Dairy Queen had sold 70 Blizzards.

Thursday marked Dairy Queen’s annual Miracle Treat Day. Participating restaurants from all around the country donated net proceeds from every Blizzard sale to the local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

The warm, sunny weather helped bring people inside to buy ice cream and donate to a worthy cause.

Winkler Dairy Queen manager Scott Graham has seen firsthand the need for events like Miracle Treat Day. “I was in hospital when I was a child,” he said. “I know growing up in hospitals there’s a lot of demand for it. I was lucky I wasn’t that sick, but there were kids [with things like] leukemia that were a lot worse. It takes a toll on the medical system, so it’s nice that people come together and actually support this and help them out.”

This year, the Winkler location raised over $5,000 with around 1,000 Blizzard treats sold. The Morden location raised $3,286.

“It feels great,” Graham said. “It makes me feel good to provide back every year. Every year it’s been getting more and more busy.”

“It’s a good day for us,” Morden Dairy Queen owner Raj Patel said. “We have only two or three days [to raise money] for charities. If we have a chance to do more, we will do that. It’s a special day out of 365 days.”

Both locations were busy all day, with some customers coming in and buying boxes filled with Blizzards. “[The community] responded really nicely,” Patel said. “Normally we don’t get too many Blizzard orders in the morning, but we had more than usual and that’s a good thing. They like to participate in this and support it.”