KiDDance makes bid for bigger, better studio

Emily Distefano

Tickets for KiDDance’s end-of-season dance recital in May of this year were in such high demand that the show ran twice for two full houses at the Carman Collegiate Community Theatre. (FILE PHOTO)

Tickets for KiDDance’s end-of-season dance recital in May of this year were in such high demand that the show ran twice for two full houses at the Carman Collegiate Community Theatre. (FILE PHOTO)

KiDDance Physical Arts is moving on to a bigger and better location.

The local dance studio is sizing up after less than two years in its current building. KiDDance owner Michelle Kidd said the studio simply has more demand than the studio can accommodate right now.

“The new space is needed to meet our growing demand and we were so limited with space in our old studio that we weren’t able to keep up with the amount of new students coming in every year and offer larger class sizes,” Kidd said. “We’re a very small business with a constantly growing audience, and our students deserve to have the appropriate size and functionality of a studio to reach their full dancing potential - something that has never been offered in our community before.”

KiDDance began offering dance classes in Carman in 2015, using whatever community space could be rented throughout the week. In January 2016 the Kiddance studio opened in downtown Carman. In just a few short years the studio has attracted more and more participants. Around 100 kids enrolled in last season’s dance classes, and adult dance and fitness classes have also taken off.

The new studio location is a building in Carman’s Industrial Park measuring approximately 2000 square feet. Kidd said the new studio will feature a large parking lot, a large reception area, a change room/locker room area and, most importantly, a dance space that will be about triple the size it is now.

“The location will be more convenient, not being on a one way street, and lots of parking will be available,” said Kidd. “The space will allow us to have larger class sizes without being so crowded.”

The move will also allow space for a separate space for popular adult barre fitness classes. The second floor of the new building will be the site of KiDDance’s new sister company, The Carman Barre, which will be launching this fall.

“We’ll be separating our barre fitness classes from Kiddance to create a brand that better reflects our target audience,” said Kidd. “With a separate dance and barre studio we’ll be able to offer more classes because they can be happening at the same time.”

Kidd hopes to have the new location up and running in time for the start of the dance season near the end of September. However, the building needs to be completely renovated and KiDDance is hoping to fundraise enough to make it happen in time.

“We kind of hit a last minute stroke of luck and didn’t even plan to have a new studio this year until about mid-July,” said Kidd. “So, because it’s such a last minute project we are hoping our community and dance family can help us out to give our students a beautiful dance studio in time for this fall’s classes.”

She said it the project has come together so quickly that they are still working out projected costs.

“We’re hoping to raise as much as possible to help offset the large upfront cost, so that us and our students can move into the new space by September 25,’ she said. “One hundred per cent of funds raised will go towards the renovation cost.”

One fundraiser has already been scheduled at the Carman Active Living Centre from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. on Sept. 9.

Tickets will be available at the Co-op Gas Bar, the Golden Prairie Arts Council, and also for dance parents during dance class registration week from Sept. 5 to 8.

Kidd said the adults-only evening will include a silent auction, a 50/50 draw, great music, lots of dancing, catered food (h’orderves and a late lunch), plus a small presentation on the studio, the renovation, and the positive impact it will have on the community.

“We’re still looking for volunteers who would like to help out during the evening,” she said. “We’re also accepting silent auction donations, and we invite local businesses who are interested in sponsoring to contact us. We’re also accepting monetary donations if you’d like to help out but can’t attend [or] don’t have a prize to donate.”

For more information contact Michelle Kidd at or 204-750-1478, or Kailey Guillemin at 204-771-1459.