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150 Playlist wraps up

Lauren MacGill

A group plays Quidditch in Morden Park on June 18 as part of the Try It events.

A group plays Quidditch in Morden Park on June 18 as part of the Try It events.


After extending the original challenge, the ParticipACTION 150 Playlist Community Challenge is complete.

Morden pulled ahead to finish 120 out of 150 activities on the list and win the friendly competition between Winkler and Morden.

“It was really great to see both communities engaging in our challenge and trying new activities,” City of Morden Recreation Programmer Stephanie Dueck said. “It was great motivation for me to put on different events and allow people the chance to try some of these sports.”

Winkler wasn’t very far behind, completing 113 activities. “It’s excellent,” City of Winkler Recreation Programmer Jordan Driedger said. “I think we should be proud that we completed 113 of the 150 activities. I think it was a great community building event and I think we should be really proud.”

Both Dueck and Driedger weren’t sure what to expect going into the challenge. “You always hope for the best, and I did hope that lots of people would participate,” Dueck said. “I was very happy with the response and hope that will continue to get people involved in any other challenges we may put on in the future.”

The challenge was originally supposed to run from March 1 to July 29 (150 days), but Winkler and Morden were tied at 101 events each. The decision was made to extend the challenge, and August 11 was the final deadline.

When the ParticipACTION 150 Playlist came out earlier in the year, Driedger said both cities were thinking of ways to get involved. “In the sporting world a lot of the time there’s a rivalry between Winkler and Morden,” Driedger said. “I think this was a wider community effort to add to the rivalry.”

“I think the rivalry between the two communities allowed us to have a bit of a competition and got some of the competitive juices flowing,” he added. “That added to the participation in activities.”

One of the best parts of the challenge for Driedger was collecting all the photos that people sent in and seeing the creative lengths people were willing to go.

“We don’t have a lot of dogsledding out here,” Driedger said. “People were making make-shift dog sleds and doing it on the grass.”

For Dueck, the Try It events were the highlight, especially fencing. “It was great to see lots of adults and kids trying out the sport,” she said. “[The volunteers] came out with all the equipment and were all suited up. They were very accomplished in fencing, having won awards and Canadian championships. That was a really unique opportunity.”

Gymnastics was the highest attended Try It event in Morden.

Now that the challenge is over, Dueck encourages people to keep trying out new sports and activities, or keep active doing something you already know you enjoy.

If you missed out on some of the fun, ParticipACTION will have a booth at the Corn and Apple on August 25-27. There will be activities to try out like field hockey, wheelchair tennis and kayaking.