Carman golf course benefits from upgrades

Emily Stobbe-Wiebe

A new bridge at the ninth hole of the Carman golf course is just one of many new improvements to the facility. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

A new bridge at the ninth hole of the Carman golf course is just one of many new improvements to the facility. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

The Carman Golf and Curling Club is looking as good as new these days with the help of many financial donors to the renovations project over the last year. Work on the club began last May 2016 and finished this July 2017.

Upgrades include new shingles on the clubhouse, a slopped metal roof over the curling rink to replace the leaking flat roof, a new bar area, carpeting, tables, and chairs thanks to McGee’s Restaurant, new ice plant machinery, a walking bridge on hole nine sponsored by Walinga, countertops and fixtures in the ladies’ locker room and washroom as well as the men’s washroom, and a new gravel parking lot.

The upgrades cost over a quarter of a million dollars, said General Manager Dean North, much of which was donated from various sectors.

“We got support from our members, we got support from our local businesses, and then the local town and RM and such, and so for us, we are feeling overwhelmed with the fact that we got so much support and that we can give this building a real good refresh,” said North. “It just looks amazing now.”

Club members are proud of the club’s new look.

“There is a real sense of pride at the direction that the club is headed. The fact that we’ve got this wonderful facility and now it is back up to a modern-day look,” said North. “It was built in 1990 and now in 2017 it is brand new, fresh and looking great, so there is a real sense of pride and joy around the club.”

Members from around the community have noticed too.

“We are seeing a lot of people who are coming here and saying ‘Wow, does it ever look nice, what a beautiful setting, the golf course is gorgeous,’” said North. “I think the people that come to our community are just really impressed with what they are seeing here at the course.”

Work at the club isn’t done yet. Upgrades are still needed for the inside of the curling rink.

“It needs a paint job and the ceiling needs some more taping and painting. And then we’ve just got our men’s locker room to refresh and maybe a fresh paint job upstairs and a new camera system that we want to put in . . . We need a new chiller in our mechanical room also,” said North. “We probably still have, if I could ball park it, $60,000 of repairs that we want to accomplish.”