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Classical pianist coming to Carman


Pianist Derek Yaple-Schobert will be playing at the Canadian Reformed Church West in Carman this month. (Courtesy Facebook)

Pianist Derek Yaple-Schobert will be playing at the Canadian Reformed Church West in Carman this month. (Courtesy Facebook)

Fans of classical music and superior acoustics will want to snap up tickets to the Golden Prairie Arts Council's next concert series performance.

Pianist Derek Yaple-Schobert will be playing at the Canadian Reformed Church West in Carman, taking advantage of the building's specially designed sanctuary with accordion side walls and rear glass wall with inward slanted panels to reduce sound reflection.

Derek Yaple-Schobert (who says his name rhymes with "Maple-Show-Bert") is a well-traveled American and Canadian pianist based in Montreal who seeks to bring classical music to a wide audience.

Both classical newcomers and seasoned concertgoers are welcome at his shows, where he he uses engaging and insightful commentary to take the audience on "memorable musical journeys."

His programs feature a broad spectrum of the immortals: the wit of Haydn, the emotional pathos of Beethoven, the unearthly beauty of Schubert, the dazzling virtuosity of Liszt or the intensity of Prokofiev, as well as rarely heard captivating Nordic music.

He often leaves his audiences with a refreshing feeling of discovery, as he takes them through the breathtaking musical landscapes of the Norwegian Edvard Grieg or the individualistic music of the Dane Carl Nielsen.

Yaple-Schobert often includes innovative works by present day Canadian composers.

Praised by the press for his supreme sensitivity, he is also known for his easy and entertaining way of speaking with any audience, proving Derek to be a true classical piano music ambassador: one of his life long goals is to get people “who think they don’t like classical music”, as excited as he is about the genre.

Internationally, Derek Yaple-Schobert has performed in the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and USA.

One of Yaple-Schobert's competition performances so impressed a French adjudicator, that he invited him to perform three recitals in France. Sponsored by the Embassy of Canada to Sweden, he toured Sweden. Noteworthy recitals in Denmark include the Odense Musikforening (established in 1866) and the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. Performances in the German town of Flensburg include a debut recital at the Music Society and a return engagement at the Danish Duborg School.

BRAVO! Television has featured Yaple-Schobert on "The Classical Now II", highlighting the best of the next generation of Canadian classical musicians. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has recorded two of his recitals live.

Besides touring extensively, Yaple-Schobert is also an award-winning artist. His wins include the first prize at the Montreal Classical Music Festival and the Award for Best Interpretation of a Canadian work awarded by the Canadian Music Centre at the Prix d'Europe, as well as several grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Quebec Arts Council.

The concert is set for Friday, Nov. 17 at 7:30 p.m.

Contact the Golden Prairie Arts Council at 204-745-6568 or gpaccarman@gmail.com for more information or to purchase tickets.

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