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Carman Splash Pad gets new name, spring opening

Emily Distefano


The Carman Splash Pad has a brand new name.

The new facility has officially been christened the Kin Splash Zone - and it’s expected to open up sometime this spring.

Splash Pad committee member Lynsey Hannah said construction on the structure started in the fall, and now the group has raised enough funds to complete Phase 2 of the project once the ground starts to thaw.

“The committee has been doing really well in terms of fundraising,” said Hannah. “We actually have enough funds right now to complete the actual splash pad, so that means the concrete, all the features and the water system and the mechanical building that was required for the water system.

The project’s first major supporters were the Carman Kinsmen and Kinettes, who donated $50,000 and became title sponsors early on in the splash pad fundraising process.

In honour of that support, the groups received naming rights and came up with the Kin Splash Zone.

Right on schedule

The committee first started in the spring of 2015 and their original goal was to open the new facility in the spring of 2018, so they’re right on track.

“We’re crossing our fingers that everything will be ready to be opened for the first nice day of the summer,” said Hannah. “We’re pretty excited and really proud of the committee, and the volunteers and everybody in the community that’s been able to support and participate in the fundraising and just support the project in general.”

She said the group is hoping to plan a grand opening with a ribbon-cutting when that happens.

While the funding for the splash pad itself is ready to go, the committee is still fundraising for a small family bathroom facility to be placed next to the splash pad.

Phase three funds needed

Hannah said the group is aiming to build an accessible washroom with three stalls for families to use as needed.

The facility will also be available for other park users, or anyone passing through on the Carman Pathway.

“We’re hoping that it will serve more than just the splash pad,” said Hannah.

One fundraiser that is soon coming to a close is the paving stone campaign.

For $250, residents and/or businesses can purchase a paving stone and decide on an inscription.

The stones will be placed somewhere at the splash pad site as a permanent sign of recognition of those who have contributed to the project.

Around 60 stones have already been paid for; the deadline to sign up is Jan. 31; contact the Town of Carman for more details.

Hannah said the landscaping design will be finished after they know the exact number of stones.

If you’d like to see a sample stone, there are a couple available for viewing at the McGee’s Restaurant at the Carman Golf and Curling Club.