Opinion Letters

Veterans deserve better

Candice Bergen, Conservative House Leader, MP for Portage-Lisgar


Canada’s Conservatives will always support those who served in uniform. Canadians are forever grateful for their service to our nation.
But Prime Minister Trudeau has shown nothing but disrespect to these heroes - our veterans.
During a town hall meeting in Edmonton a few weeks ago, the Prime Minister told a former soldier, who lost a leg in Afghanistan, that veterans are asking for more than his government is prepared to give.
How is it that the government found $10 million to pay off a convicted terrorist, but does not have money to support our veterans?
During the last election campaign Justin Trudeau promised that he would not fight veterans in court. He broke that promise too.
On February 26, Conservatives took this matter to the House of Commons in the form of a motion that asked the government to treat our veterans with the respect and dignity they deserve and for the Prime Minister to apologize for his harmful comment.
To my surprise, not a single Liberal Member of Parliament from Manitoba voted in favour of our motion.
Veterans deserve better! Canada’s Conservatives will fight for them every day, because they fought for us.