Cinderlocks & the 7 Dwarves

Greg Vandermeulen


“If you know your fairy tales, this is the right (production) to come to.”
That’s the message one cast member of Cinderlocks & the 7 Dwarves would like to share.
The student production created for and by Flatlands Theatre Classes, will take everything you thought you knew about the fairy tales and present it in a whole new way.
“What happens when your baby sitter doesn’t know her fairy tales and you won’t go to bed without them? Why you all help tell the story!,” the synopsis proclaims. “And there will never be another one quite like it.”
Instructor and director Jeanette Hoeppner said while the parents are away at an accounting conference, the children are being watched over by a babysitter.
However when it comes to story time, she needs help in telling the classic tales which are not quite what they seem.
Amie Drudge plays Jadyn Walker, the youngest of the three sisters.
She said it’s an exciting role. “She’s six and it’s really fun to play her, because I have never played someone  so young before,” Drudge said.
She added that her character is kind of innocent, likes boots and is very fun to play.
Agape Petkau-Hamm plays Megan Morrison, a friend who shows up on the doorstep. She said she loves her character’s lively personality. “She’s hyper,” Petkau-Hamm said. “It’s really easy to play because I’m hyper also.”
In fact the hardest part of the performance for her, is when her character has to stay still.
Quinn Haney plays Sam, the babysitter.
“She doesn’t really know what she’s getting into,” Haney said. “She has to tell bedtime stories and she doesn’t really know how to do that.”
While Sam tries to be responsible, Haney said she’s not fully prepared. “She kind of doesn’t know what she’s doing.”
Hailey Fehr plays the role of Kate, the babysitter’s cousin.
And while the babysitter has the best of intentions, Fehr said her character is pretty clear where her priorities are.
“She’s very sarcastic and lazy,” Fehr said. “She’s basically just looking forward to Netflix when the kids are sleeping. She eats a lot of popcorn.”
Cast members said they are excited (and a little nervous) about the upcoming performance, but add they know the audience will enjoy this production.
Performances take place Friday, March 23 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, March 24 at 2 p.m. at the P.W. Enns Centennial Concert Hall. Tickets are available for $5 at the door one hour prior to each performance, with rush seating.