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Heat Innovations named Business Builder

Greg Vandermeulen

Left, Operations Manager Colton Wall, Financial Controller Daniel Fot, Sales Manager Mike Dueck and Shipping Manager Braden Wall.

Left, Operations Manager Colton Wall, Financial Controller Daniel Fot, Sales Manager Mike Dueck and Shipping Manager Braden Wall.


Honesty and integrity are cornerstones for how Heat Innovations interacts with their customers. Coupled with dedication to developing technology, they have continued to have an impact on the region.
Heat Innovations Inc. will accept the Business Builder Award at the P.W. Enns Business Awards, April 19 in Winkler.
“It really stands out to us, just to see the kind of community that we’re in,” Colton Wall, Operations Manager said of the award. “I think it’s just a testament of the impact Heat Innovations is having on the community as well as other areas of Canada.”
Heat Innovations is a manufacturing and distribution center for hydronic heating equipment and supplies.
That’s a change from the early days when outdoor boilers were their bread and butter.
“We’re going from outdoor stoves to new style systems, boiler systems, gas, electric and really just adapting with the way the market is going,” Wall explained.
The changes also brought new investment through a new Winkler location, and it’s that willingness to change without compromising principles that Wall credits with their success.
“I think that’s part of the reason the company’s been successful,” he said.
Wall said their former facility was set up for the outdoor boilers, while the new building improved efficiency.
“Guys weren’t having to log in their miles every day walking across the yard to get parts stored in a different building,” he said.
Changing their focus from outdoor boilers to newer systems was no simple challenge, but Wall said leadership makes the difference.
“Our president, Ryan Wall, has done a great job in bringing this company in the direction that it needs to go and having a vision, keeping that vision and just adapting to what the market’s needing,” he said. “It’s tough, because you’ve got a lot of good people, good staff who’ve been doing their jobs for many many years. They’ve got good methods and change sometimes is tough.”
Trends in heating have changed, and while in-floor heating has very popular in European markets, Wall said it’s still catching on here.
“The biggest issue or battle we’re struggling with is educating people,” he said. “We know hydronic heat, in-floor heat, is a great way of heating, comfortable and efficient, so it’s just a matter of communicating that to people.”
Wall said hydronic heat is great for houses, shops, garages, large commercial warehouses and many other types of buildings.
“It takes less heat to heat the same amount of square footage with hydronic heat,” he said. “It’s also about control. With hydronic heat you have way more control over what you want to do with your heat.”
Heat Innovations isn’t at their biggest, (that time was when outdoor boilers were at their peak), but they’ve come a long way since the initial operation in the ‘70s when they sold plumbing materials.
And Wall said they’re happy to be part of the Winkler business community.
“I think it’s a great area for small businesses and large businesses,” he said. “There’s just so many things bringing us together like the chamber of commerce group.”
Wall said this company stays true to it’s guiding principles.
“I just see how God blesses this company and it’s a business that’s run by integrity and honesty,” he said. “I see that in our dealings and the people around here are all focussed on our customers and each other.”
To learn more go to or stop by Heat Innovations at 725 Monticello Way.