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Watershed moments for Carman Collegiate innovators

The Valley Leader

Three Carman Collegiate students shone in this year’s Caring for Our Watersheds (CFOW) contest.

The CFOW program began in Alberta in 2007 and was brought to Manitoba in 2010. The contest asks students in grades 7 to 12: “what can you do to improve your watershed?” Either individually or as a team, students must research their local watershed, identify an environmental concern, and come up with a realistic solution.

Organizers of the event said that when students were asked what they could do to help their watersheds, the answers surprised everyone. Not only because the teens provided new solutions to old problems, but also because it was apparent how much future generations care about watersheds, their world, and their place in it.

This year, Manitoba had a record number of entries with over 280 submissions from over 360 students from 15 schools across the province.

The contest finals were held at Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre on Saturday, April 28 where the students presented their ideas to a panel of judges. Carman Collegiate was one of the seven schools to earn spots in the finals, with the result that Hannah Petrie (top photo) won 6th place for her Boyne River Curriculum project and Alexander Clemis and Faouzia Ouihya (bottom photo) came in 7th place for their Begging for Air project and accompanying song.

The ultimate goal of CFOW is to implement the winning projects, so the Interpretive Centre plans to work with all teams to do just that.

“Caring for Our Watersheds is such a great program for project-based learning,” said Amanda Benson, CFOW Program Coordinator. “This will be an exciting opportunity to see the students turn their creative ideas into reality!”