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Icon Technologies celebrates new facility

Greg Vandermeulen


Icon Technologies celebrated the grand opening of their new facility in Winkler, May 24.
A supplier of rotational molding and thermoformed plastic products for the RV industry, the new space allows them to make new products and supply more original equipment manufacturers, dealers and consumers.
John Loewen founded the business in 1997, in a 1,600 square foot space the approximate size of a two-car garage.
Expansions have taken place over the years, but this move to a new 113,500 square foot manufacturing plant and warehouse on 17 acres in Winkler’s Cloverdale Industrial Park has opened up new possibilities.
Owner John Loewen said people ask him about the multiple builds. In 2015 the facility was 29,000 square feet, rising to 39,900 in 2015, 52,500 in 2016 and 113,500 today.
“The fact is, when we started designing in 2014, by the time we had that building done we had outgrown it,” he said. “When we started designing this one, we felt it was an appropriate size. In the two years that it took us to design and build we doubled our business.”
The rate of growth thanks to remarkable success in supplying RV products, was hard to predict, even for the company itself.
“Since 2012, we’ve doubled our business about every 22 months,” Loewen said. “We’re up about 800 per cent since 2012, so that’s why we didn’t build it in one step. We just couldn’t see that far.”
Building by numbers
• 1.34 million = pounds of steel in the building. (Enough to build 560 automobiles or three miles of train tracks).
• 4,000 = cubic yards of concrete
• 20,000 = feet of CAT6 cable (nearly four miles)
• 62,500 = linear feet of SSR roof material (11.8 miles)
• 353 = number of piles, totalling 2.3 miles
• 1,500 = the number of gallons the fire pump can supply per minute at 95 psi. (That’s enough to fill the Winkler pool in 2.5 hours)
• 2.5 = miles of sprinkler pipe in the building
• 3,200 = amps of 600 volt power.