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Country melodies and message with L Rae & J

Emily Distefano

Lindsay Rae and Joey Siemens will be kicking off the Golden Prairie Arts Council's 2018-19 concert series with a performance in Carman's Ryall Park in early July. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

Lindsay Rae and Joey Siemens will be kicking off the Golden Prairie Arts Council's 2018-19 concert series with a performance in Carman's Ryall Park in early July. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)

Southern Manitoba married couple and music duo Lindsay Rae and Joey Siemens of L Rae & J are bringing their band, their country-roots music and their charm to Carman in July.

The Golden Prairie Arts Council is starting its 2018-2019 performance series early this year, with the outdoor concert in Ryall Park on July 8.

Fans of made-in-Manitoba music may recognize the duo from the Lindsay Rae Band, which has graced stages and festivals across Manitoba with country-pop melodies for the past few years. Lindsay Rae fronted the band, with Joey as the drummer.

Just last year, that band transformed into something even more unique and interesting for Prairie listeners, as Lindsay Rae and Joey tied the knot and formed a closer partnership in music as well as in life.

“Seeing a husband and wife is a different element,” said Lindsay Rae, reached over the weekend in between film shoots for the duo’s first music video. “There’s a different connection on stage, a different chemistry.”

The couple is based in Morden, although Lindsay Rae grew up in Winkler.

Lindsay Rae has been writing music since she was in junior high, and when she graduated she started pursuing music even further, participating in theatre and writing material for church musicals.

Her first recording, a song called Love Like Katie, was completed in 2012 in honour of Kaitlyn Reimer of the Katie Cares charity.

She recorded a Christmas album next, and then got into country music – and met her husband, who was also active in the local country music community.

“We got together and started our own thing,” said Lindsay Rae.

For an idea of what the new band sounds like, think Lady Antebellum with a healthy dose of fiddle, mandolin and banjo.

“The Lindsay Rae Band was more of a pop-country band, and the duo is more of a country-roots band,” said Lindsay Rae. “I have a pop-country background, [Joey] has a classic country background, so we put the two together.”

The two musicians have been working on their first single, called This is Us. It’s expected to be released in the next month or so and Carman may be the first place to hear the new single live in concert.

“It’s exciting because it’s our first single together,” said Lindsay Rae. “It reflects who we are, our relationship and how it’s faith-centred. And just the importance of unity and commitment in a relationship.

“That’s something we really want to get across in our message,” she added.

The message is just as important as the medium for L Rae & J.

“We don’t want to do music unless we have a message,” said Lindsay Rae. “The overall theme of what we have when we do a concert is a message of faith and a message of love. We just really believe in making people feel love and encouragement and blessing, and we want that to be evident in everything we do.”

And Lindsay Rae said that besides the message, the audience in Carman can expect a lively, entertaining show.

“We’re getting a couple different musicians to come along and play with us, and that’s always fun to bring that extra energy,” she said.

The band also plans to weave story-telling and humour throughout the performance.

The concert will start at 2:00 p.m. in Carman’s Ryall Park. Admission is by donation. Contact the Golden Prairie Arts Council to learn more at 204-745-6568 or gpaccarman@gmail.com.