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Scoular donates to Genesis House

Lauren MacGill

Scoular employees dropped off money and supplies to Genesis House on May 25 as part of a new fundraising program. (LAUREN MACGILL, Winkler Times)

Scoular employees dropped off money and supplies to Genesis House on May 25 as part of a new fundraising program. (LAUREN MACGILL, Winkler Times)


A local shelter received almost $5,000 in donations from a new program.

Scoular stopped by Genesis House on May 25 to deliver not only a monetary donation, but boxes filled with supplies for the women Genesis House supports, like purses and bags filled with other items like clothing and sanitary items.

Genesis House executive director Angela Braun said the shelter feels fortunate to be so supported by the community, especially after hearing from other shelters how hard it can be to get donations. “I knew we were fortunate in our area but when you really hear all the voices, I realized we have it so much better than many,” she said. “That’s the community that comes to bat. It’s not even a direct request. Sometimes they just step up.”

“I think maybe because it’s the end of Pay it Forward May, it’s a good way to end the month,” she added.

This is the first year of the Scoular Gives program. “The senior management decided we wanted all our facilities to get involved with giving back to the communities that we have people employed from,” senior management team member Ben Friesen said. “It’s a way to give back, and also help the employees as they give back. We’re in a community that works that way.”

All money and supplies were raised in a two to three week period. Staff raised $2,347 and Scoular management matched all funds raised, which resulted in over $4,600 for Genesis House.

The bags especially can be useful. “Often when you’re coming or going you need luggage, you need something to carry your things around,” Braun said.

The cause was particularly close for Scoular operations support/ human resources member Cassie Harder. “I was once an abused woman so I understand, and I never had an opportunity to come to a place like this,” she said. “This was near and dear to my heart and I was so happy they chose [Genesis House].”\

Scoular staff also volunteered their time to do some yard work.

Braun said there is still work to be done in the community. “You would like for everyone to receive the service or have the service available when they need it,” she said. “For some we have been there but many people aren’t even aware that a service exists. When you think of the number of newcomers we have in our area, provincially the largest shelter is seeing about 35 per cent of their population as newcomers.”

During Pay it Forward May, Genesis House also received $575 from Charley B’s as part of their fundraising campaign, and Berdick Windows delivered lunch for the staff. Shoes For Less donated $2,400, and Hydro employees also donated $2,000 to replace chairs and other items.

“When you put it all together it’s a lot,” Braun said.