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Community Foundation presents grants

Greg Vandermeulen

The Winkler Community Foundation presented more than $59,000 in grants on June 18. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

The Winkler Community Foundation presented more than $59,000 in grants on June 18. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)


The Winkler Community Foundation presented their 2018 grants totalling $59,114,  June 18. That includes the community and individual funds, donor advised and agency grants.
The Foundation said this year they focussed on grants that addressed social needs and services. Priority was given to projects that supported young people and seniors.
Winkler Community Foundation Executive Director Myra Peters said they weren’t able to address all the needs.
“We had 24 applicants (applying for) well over $300,000,” she said. “We can’t even begin to meet the requests that are out there.”
Peters said they wanted to help as many organizations as they could.
“We did choose to give partial grants to more organizations instead of full grants to a few organizations,” she said.
The Winkler Community Foundation is currently on a five year plan to grow the Smart & Caring Community Fund so there is more money available.
“Our community fund is growing slowly from year to year,” foundation board member Justin Funk said.
Peters said they enjoy getting the groups together to present them with their grants.
“We want to thank them for the work that they’re doing and encourage them to keep doing that work, because they’re making our community a better place,” she said.
Habitat Manitoba collected the biggest grant from the Smart & Caring Community Fund Grants, taking in $5,000 for the Winkler/Morden chapter.
“Every donation is another step closer to building our first house,” steering committee chair, Duane Falk said. “It feels great to see all the groups that are working together to build Winkler into a better community.”
The Pregnancy Care Centre received $1,500 for meeting room furniture and Executive Director Linda Marek said they’re happy to accept it.
“It’s always very exciting to be chosen for grants you apply for,” she said. “We’re grateful to the foundation for their support for the community and particularly the Pregnancy Care Centre projects.”
Smart & Caring Community Fund Grants
• $5,000 - Habitat Manitoba - build safe and affordable home in Winkler for family in need.
• $2,000 - JR Walkof School PAC - Play Structure
• $2,500 - Pembina Counselling Centre - New office renovations in Winkler
• $1,500 - Pregnancy Care Centre - Meeting Room Furniture
• $2,000 - Pembina Threshermen’s Museum - Walk-in Refrigerator repair
• $500 - Winkler Festival of the Arts - Music Scholarships
• $500 - Winkler Heritage Society - Storage supplies
• $1,000 - Winkler Senior Centre - Additional Stove
Designated Fund Grants
• $2,682 (2014 Manitoba Winter Games Sports Legacy Fund) - Winkler Recreation, Culture & Tourism - Bases for hosting provincials.
• $6,764 (Dr. CW Wiebe Medical Fund) - Dr. CW Wiebe Medical Centre - procedure room overhead surgical light
• $2,600 (Darlene Peters Fund) - Central Station - THRIVE course
Agency and Donor Advised Fund Grants
• $27,383 (Gateway Resources Fund) - Gateway Bus upgrade
• $3,591 (Katie Cares Fund) - Katie Cares Foundation - Operations
• $631 (Kalansky Family Fund) - Winkler Adult & Teen Challenge
• $463 (Winkler Fire Rescue Fund) - Paramedic Training for current fire volunteers.
A gift to the community foundation keeps on giving. To learn more go to