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Heat warnings issued for Southern Manitoba

The Valley Leader

Summer weather is turning extreme this week.  

Environment Canada has issued heat warnings for all regions in Southern Manitoba, including Carman, Winkler, Morden, Altona and Winnipeg. 

People in these areas should be on the lookout for adverse weather conditions and take necessary safety precautions. 

A ridge of high pressure will give hot and humid conditions to southern Manitoba early this weekend. Humidex values are expected to exceed 40 on Saturday. Cooler and drier air should enter the region Saturday night after a cold front tracks across the province.

Residents of and visitors to the warned regions are advised to take the following precautions to protect themselves, their families and their neighbours:

- Consider rescheduling outdoor activities to cooler hours of the day

- Take frequent breaks from the heat, spending time indoors at cooled buildings (including malls or indoor pools)

- Drink plenty of water and other non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages to stay hydrated

- Do not leave any person or pet inside a closed vehicle, for any length of time

Monitor for symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion, such as high body temperature, lack of sweat, confusion, fainting, and unconsciousness. Particular vigilance is urged for vulnerable individuals, including children, seniors, and individuals with pre-existing lung, heart, kidney, nervous system, mental health or diabetic conditions, outdoor workers, as well as those who are socially isolated.

Symptoms of heat illness include dizziness, fainting, nausea, vomiting, headache and fast breathing. If these symptoms occur, immediately move to a cool place and drink water.

Emergency medical care may be needed depending on the severity of symptoms. If someone has a high body temperature, is unconscious or is confused, call for help. While waiting, cool the person right away by moving them to a cool place, applying cold water to large areas of the skin or clothing and fanning the person as much as possible.

Heat Warnings are issued when very high temperature or humidity conditions are expected to pose an elevated risk of heat illnesses, such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

For more information on heat and your health:

- Visit Manitoba Health at:

- Call Health Links - Info Santé at 204-788-8200 or toll-free at 1-888-315-9257