Chicken Soup and the flu

A steaming bowl of chicken soup may make you feel better when you have a common cold, but it may not do the trick when you get influenza - often called “the flu”. We took a few minutes to sit down with Dr. Michael Routledge, Medical Officer of Health for Southern Health-Santé Sud, who shared some very good advice about the flu.

BTHC Foundation Chair Debra Enns, Dr. Elizabeth Thompson, Dr. Mary Jacob, BTHC Foundation Executive Director Shannon Samatte-Folkett, pose with the new breast probe at Boundary Trails Health Centre donated by the foundation. (GREG VANDERMEULEN/Winkler Times)

Boost for breast cancer treatment

A new breast probe, donated to the Boundary Trails Health Centre, will make surgeries less invasive, and prevent an extra trip to Winnipeg for southern Manitoba residents dealing with breast cancer. The Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation gave the $69,000 probe to fulfill a local request.

Socks for Siloam Mission

Local menswear designer Shelley Ediger is kicking off her third annual Socks for Siloam Mission in December.

Recovery of Hope and the Manitoba Chapter of the Neufeld Institute will host a full day workshop with Dr. Gordon Neufeld in Morden.

Keeping Children Safe in a Wounding World

Mark your calendars, because on Saturday February 10th, Recovery of Hope and the Manitoba Chapter of the Neufeld Institute will be hosting a full day workshop with Dr. Gordon Neufeld on the topic of “Keeping Children Safe in a Wounding World.”

Honey bees – when you spot the one that looks different than the rest, that’s the queen. (JOHN GAVLOSKI)

Stories from the entomological battlefield

Just like human societies, the animal world is full of conflict. For insects that live in social groups, such as ants, bees and termites, there is the need for soldier and individuals to protect the society.


Loneliness in our modern age

All of us at some point in our lives have experienced loneliness. For some it’s temporary, perhaps triggered by particular events or transitions, while for others, it seems to be a permanent fact of life. So is modern life making us lonely? Loneliness does not necessarily mean the same as being alone.