The Children of Tomorrow

We look at yesterday and wonder if it really was possible that most/many German people did not know about the Holocaust, even though Adolf Hitler called many rallies where he blamed and threatened the Jewish people. We look at today and realize that most/many of us did not know about residential schools and the Sixties Scoop.

The 16 trees that used to line this stretch of Carman's 1st Street SW and 1st Avenue SW were removed last week.

Letter: Trees should be election issue in Carman

Where is Howard Bennett when he is needed? The late publisher of this newspaper would have raised a mighty stink about the destruction of those beautiful trees on Carman’s business street the other day. Some say it’s fortunate that we now have a council that knows what’s best for this town. As been said, they were elected to make decisions.

Spraying can make or break your crops

Farmers have a lot on their plates as they head into the spraying season. The Canola Council of Canada, Cereals Canada and Pulse Canada are reminding growers of best practices that can have a major impact on marketing grain. Proper pesticide use is a critical factor in growing export-quality grain.