Whose best interest are we actually talking about?

The call was made to the administration office about the leaving of Dr. Mahdi, only to be told that his leaving was in everybody’s best interest.Whose interest is what I would like to know, but was not given an answer.As a patient of his and part of the community, do we not have a say in the matter?Or at least the right to know why?Does he have a h

This not-so-fond farewell could be a big mistake

To quote the words of William Shakespeare “all the world is a stage”. For those of us who have been paying any attention, we know Mr. Shakespeare was on to something.Lately, a real life, Altona version of General Hospital has been the talk of the town and beyond. On the front page, January 25, 2018 edition of the Red River Valley Echo there is a ph

View from the Ledge: Midland MLA on 2017

All the best to you and yours in this new year of 2018. This past year of 2017 has flown by! I have been fortunate to travel to many parts of Manitoba – from winter roads in the North to all corners of Southern Manitoba.

Planning for legal pot

Last week, Finance Ministers for Manitoba and the other provinces and territories met in Ottawa where discussions on the legalization of cannabis was on the agenda.

Cannabis will be legal

Like it or not, the federal government is insisting that cannabis will be legal in Canada by July 2018. The Manitoba Government has been clear that, while this process is rushed, we have to get ready. We take the view that, first and foremost, government must put the focus on the health and safety of its citizens.

The Children of Tomorrow

We look at yesterday and wonder if it really was possible that most/many German people did not know about the Holocaust, even though Adolf Hitler called many rallies where he blamed and threatened the Jewish people. We look at today and realize that most/many of us did not know about residential schools and the Sixties Scoop.

The 16 trees that used to line this stretch of Carman's 1st Street SW and 1st Avenue SW were removed last week.

Letter: Trees should be election issue in Carman

Where is Howard Bennett when he is needed? The late publisher of this newspaper would have raised a mighty stink about the destruction of those beautiful trees on Carman’s business street the other day. Some say it’s fortunate that we now have a council that knows what’s best for this town. As been said, they were elected to make decisions.