Kim MacAulay, Chairperson, Manitoba Community Newspapers Association

Public access is not public notice

It should be everyone’s concern when their elected officials darken the windows. That is what is currently happening across Manitoba, as the provincial government tables a second bill in the legislature removing the requirement for municipal and provincial governments and their agencies to notify the public of important actions and events.

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Our duty is to the best interests of Manitoba and

I re-entered public life five years ago because I wanted to make the lives of Manitobans and the prospects for Manitoba better. In 2016, Manitobans placed their confidence in my team to govern our province. It is an honour and a sacred trust. Everything our government does passes through the filter of what is best for our citizens and our province.

Budget 2018: providing relief to those who need it

Two weeks ago, the Manitoba government delivered a budget that provides tax relief to Manitoba families and makes progress on reducing the deficit while making good investments in health care, education and infrastructure.

Fight against cancer well supported

I would like to personally thank all the businesses and residents of Darlingford, Manitou, Miami and Morden for their continued support and generosity of the Canadian Cancer Society during my 10 years as Rural Coordinator. You’ve joined the fight against cancer by buying daffodils in February and March.

Peacekeeping plan a combat mission

This week, the Liberal government announced a 12 month United Nations mission which will include a detachment of helicopters and Canadian troops sent to the west African nation of Mali. Justin Trudeau is failing to tell Canadians the truth about the situation he is sending our troops into.

An ode to the humble plastic grocery bag

The Danish people, in fact all Scandinavians, are known for their love of nature and care for the environment. It almost has a religious fervour to it. That is something I learned from having lived in Sweden for a year.

A moderate and balanced approach to finance

Last Monday, I delivered Budget 2018 in the Manitoba Legislature. This budget continues our moderate and balanced approach to restoring fiscal discipline while keeping our commitments to Manitobans. We are keeping our word by hitting our targets, reducing the deficit and bringing the largest tax cut in Manitoba history.

Working to save Manitoba wetlands

They protect us. They clean our water. They add value and beauty to our lives. Now, in Manitoba, we’re working to save these natural multi-tasking marvels. This World Water Day, on March 22, Manitobans can share good news with fellow Canadians.

Pipeline discussions a chance to learn

Our schools taught us something about the 3 R’s - - reading, ‘riting,’ and ‘rithmatic.’ In our time we are learning about the 3 E’s - - environment, energy and economy. This is complicated. There are many pieces in the picture of the 3 E’s. The federal government has put energy and environment into one cabinet position.

Using veterans as a political prop

It was unfortunate to see in the March 8 Letter to the Editor MP Bergen, and the Conservatives, once again use veterans as a political prop. I would like to point out however that it was hardly surprising considering their past behaviour.

Veterans deserve better

Canada’s Conservatives will always support those who served in uniform. Canadians are forever grateful for their service to our nation.But Prime Minister Trudeau has shown nothing but disrespect to these heroes - our veterans.

Project will improve safety and benefit Manitobans

Enbridge has deep ties in southern Manitoba with significant assets and operations running from the Saskatchewan border near Cromer and south to Gretna. We have a 65-plus-year history of contributing to Manitoba’s economy, investing in local communities and safely transporting the energy people want and need to support their everyday lives.

Big questions for Enbridge

Every time I drive from our farm south of Morden into town, I cross the single largest conduit of oil into the United States. That is what Enbridge calls its seven-pipeline corridor than passes under the Morden golf course on its southeasterly path to Gretna and across the border.

Sleepy little towns need to wake up

In the last few weeks I’ve seen two local groups speak up for what they believe in, but in very different ways.After a year of trying to get someone to listen to their concerns, some of our local firefighters made the tough decision to be an example for others. They resigned. They loved serving the community. They had years of training and experien

Whose best interest are we actually talking about?

The call was made to the administration office about the leaving of Dr. Mahdi, only to be told that his leaving was in everybody’s best interest.Whose interest is what I would like to know, but was not given an answer.As a patient of his and part of the community, do we not have a say in the matter?Or at least the right to know why?Does he have a h

This not-so-fond farewell could be a big mistake

To quote the words of William Shakespeare “all the world is a stage”. For those of us who have been paying any attention, we know Mr. Shakespeare was on to something.Lately, a real life, Altona version of General Hospital has been the talk of the town and beyond. On the front page, January 25, 2018 edition of the Red River Valley Echo there is a ph

View from the Ledge: Midland MLA on 2017

All the best to you and yours in this new year of 2018. This past year of 2017 has flown by! I have been fortunate to travel to many parts of Manitoba – from winter roads in the North to all corners of Southern Manitoba.

Planning for legal pot

Last week, Finance Ministers for Manitoba and the other provinces and territories met in Ottawa where discussions on the legalization of cannabis was on the agenda.