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Make ambulances more accessible

Manitobans are the least likely in Canada to call an ambulance when suffering from a heart attack or a stroke, according to a recent Canadian Institute for Health Information report.That’s bad news considering CIHI also reports that heart attacks and strokes are time-sensitive conditions and that an ambulance should be called when someone is showin

British Prime Minister David Cameron. (REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

Brexit holds little comfort for Quebexit

Quebec sovereignists clearly are hoping that the United Kingdom's vote last week to leave the European Union will breathe new life into their project: They hailed it as proof of the continued relevance of national sovereignty, a case of voters standing up to "fearmongering" by financial elites and a precedent for acceptance of a 50-per-cent-plus-on

Green Party leader Elizabeth May. (REUTERS/Adrian Wyld/Pool/Files)

Progress on one 'ism', failure on another

An inspiring YouTube video from Equal Voice has been making the rounds of late, featuring several female Canadian MPs -- from Tory Lisa Raitt to Liberal Catherine McKenna to Green Leader Elizabeth May -- talking to their "20-year-old" selves about success in the political and other arenas.

Nigel Farage (L), Britain's UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader and European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker (R) take part in a plenary session at the European Parliament on the outcome of the "Brexit" summit, in Brussels February 24, 2016. REUTERS/Yves Herman

Here's three Brexit concerns for Canada

Carleton University political scientist Elliot Tepper likes to say that it all began "with a lump of coal" -- a reference to the European Coal and Steel Community that brought a handful of countries, including Britain, into partnership in 1951. Now, he says, "British voters have given the EU a lump of coal."

In this April 7, 2014 file photo, Pauline Marois announces her retirement after the Parti Québécois was voted out of government in a Quebec election. François Laplante-Delagrave/AFP/Getty Images

Secularism proposal

When the Parti Québécois went down to defeat in April 2014, its odious values charter went down with it. Now, Jean-François Lisée is bringing it back onto the public agenda -- although given that his party is in opposition, it's more insult than injury.

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Ontario's lotteries gambling on youth

Data released Wednesday by Elections Canada show a sharp surge in the number of young people who voted in last year's federal election -- evidence, many argue, of the deep engagement youth feel for national politics. As Jane Hilderman of Samara Canada argues, political parties can no longer ignore the 18-to-24 demographic when developing platforms

Premier Kathleen Wynne

Cap-and-trade policy a Liberal cash grab

The Ontario government has adjourned for the summer after passing into law a carbon-pricing scheme that is a model for the rest of the country. Unfortunately, it’s a model of what not to do.