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What does our MPI really benefit us

brenda fehr

By brenda fehr

Recently I was involved in a small in a small fender bender. The accident was my fault. I have had my license now for almost 30 years. Every year I paid my car insurance insurance and i paid my driver's license. I never had an accident. I always assumed that insurance was there when you needed it. I assumed that after 30 years of paying in that I would not need to pay even more money. Now I have to pay a $300.00 deducible and my license will go up and I lose merits. I don't think MPI knows what the word insurance stands for. Could be time for our insurance not owed by the gov't. We would better options for car insurance. But when there is only choice we have no say on the type of insurance we get and we definitely have no say when MPI every time they say they need to raise our rates. I think it's time we question why it is we are constantly having to pay.

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